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Bliss-fully Yours

Am I one of the few adults that loves Valentine's Day so much? I love any holiday that celebrates telling people that you love them. It's always a good reminder to actually say the words that we feel. I'm reminded of this more today than usual as I honor two friends that passed away this day in 2007. I am so thankful that one day I will have the opportunity to tell them face-to-face that I love them again! Whatever your feelings are about the holiday, may it at least remind you to share the love...loud and clear.

Are you looking for an inexpensive way to tell your family and friends that you love them? Make a Valentine's Day scented ornament that they can hang in their car, room, bathroom or just about anywhere. This way every time they see or smell it, they'll be reminded of your love! You most likely have these ingredients in your pantry and you can use whatever essential oil you prefer to add the scent. It's a quick project and great for kids as…