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New Products and Holiday Preview

Happy October!

I hope you have been enjoying our Fall as much as I have. What a great season! And what a perfect time for doTERRA to introduce New Products! Take a look at the new products and let me know if you have any questions or need more information.

Also, take some time to look over the online Holiday Guide. Holiday products are not available until November 2nd, but you'll want to be prepared because products tend to go fast. These products make great gifts for others, but don't forget to treat yourself!

Speaking of holidays...Slim & Sassy® presents a way to take better control of your hunger and help you on your path to managing your weight and ultimately your overall well-being. Slim and Sassy Contrōl Instant Drink Mix is intended to be used during the course of the day to help control your appetite. It contains a revolutionary ingredient extracted from spinach that has been clinically shown to significantly reduce appetite for up to six hours. Contrōl is also available in a snack bar, (which comes in three different flavors) and also a drink mix format.  Slim & Sassy Control Instant Drink Mix 30pk is 10% Off in October...stock up for the next few months as we begin the holiday season.
Happy Fall!