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Showing posts from November 2, 2014

Holiday Season starts now!

As of today, November 7th, there is 47 days until Christmas. Woohoo! I start celebrating Thanksgiving and Christmas the day after Halloween. And I may or may not have already been diffusing Holiday Joy a couple weeks before Halloween. I can't help it! I just love it so much!

A lot of you have family friends that are holistic...aka natural, granola, hippie, crunchy and so many more. It's not easy to get gifts for some of these friends and family members because you're just not sure what they do or do not use/eat/drink/wear. It can be a struggle especially when wanting to stay on a budget. Well, I've got a good place for you to start this year. So, if you're needing a thank you gift, host/hostess gift, Christmas, Thanksgiving, Birthday or no reason's a starting point.

doTERRA essential oils has a great Holiday Guide that's loaded with great options. Check out the virtual guide here. You won't want to miss out on the seasonal only items. Lip Bal…