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Showing posts from July 20, 2014

Photo Challenge

doTERRA is doing a photo challenge this month. It's fun. Each day they post a picture with a theme on Instagram. Some of the themes have Daily Routine, Lavender, In My Car, In My Bag, and more. doTERRA then picks a winner from those who post a picture that best fits the theme. It's been fun to see the winners and how other people use their essential oils. I haven't posted a picture yet...well, until today.

Today's theme was Nature. I knew I had to post a picture because there are two essential oil blends
that have allowed me to enjoy nature again. Since I've moved to Tennessee I've had bouts with sinus troubles and seasonal allergies. I was on prescription medication to help. I felt awful from the allergies and then felt even worse because of the meds. I even had one of the allergy drugs cause me to have mood swings. I was so over it, but didn't know what to do to relieve my allergy symptoms without drugs. And then I came across the "Allergy Shooter&qu…