Friday, June 27, 2014

Commercially Drugged

I love when the World Cup comes around. It's a tournament that my family gets into. I love that it showcases so many nations and cultures. My mom was born and raised in Argentina and my dad in Paraguay so soccer has been ingrained in us from very young. We rooted for Argentina every World Cup since before I can remember. As I got older I would root for the USA as long as they were not playing against Argentina. This year is no different. There is a chance that Argentina will play the USA if both teams advance and it will be a bitter sweet ending no matter the result if the match should occur.

Needless to say, our television has been tuned in on the games from the start...which is a far cry from
the usual kids shows that are usually reeling. One thing I've noticed is the amount of pharmaceutical drug commercials that are played. There are SOOOOO many! It makes me so sad to watch these commercials and listen to the required "possible side effects" dialogue that seems to go on and on and on. Many people watch these commercials and want the quick fix pill. What they don't realize is that it is actually toxic and may be helping one issue, but most likely causing other problems.

Our society is conditioned into thinking that they can just ask their doctor to prescribe something as their first and only option without trying holistic remedies first. I'm not saying medication is wrong or completely bad. I used them for various things throughout my life. However, I am saying that maybe we should be more proactive about allowing our bodies to heal more naturally. For example, fevers are not the enemy...they are telling us the body is fighting some sort of infection. Most people have been trained at the first site of anything above 99.5' to get the Motrin, Advil or Tylenol when in fact, fevers should only be treated if there is severe discomfort. (Note: I'm referring to children and adults, not infants or senior citizens who have lower immune system function.) Check out the possible side effects and drug interactions below from for Tylenol:

When using Tylenol you are not curing the infection, you are only treating the symptoms.  In this case, you are reducing a fever. The same fever that is an indication of your body fighting an infection. The effects: your body is going to fight longer to rid the infection...meaning you'll take longer to heal than if you didn't take the Tylenol.

It baffles me how quickly people will run to Tylenol before they would try using Peppermint essential oil to ease discomfort cause by the fever. Peppermint essential oil has been around since the beginning of the world and used effectively for just as long.

There is something that drugs and essentials have in common and that is that neither cure. Only the body can heal itself. Essential Oils support the body's own natural healing process. They aid the body in healing itself faster without toxins and chemicals. Why would you not want to heal faster and more naturally?

I wonder what would happen to the Healthcare system if we didn't rely on the television telling us what drugs we need. 

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