Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Sunny Days

Sunny days bring me joy. I have been loving the sun here in Nashville. It's been a little humid, yes, but it is middle Tennessee. I enjoy taking a stroll at the local park on these sunny days. About a month ago I started using some sun tan lotion (I will leave it nameless) and immediately started having a reaction to it. I have noticed this has happened in years past, but it was always pretty slight. It wasn't as slight this year. I don't know what in the lotion was causing me to have a negative reaction and I'm not going to test each ingredient out since that would just be too involved and I know a much easier solution. The solution? Non-toxic homemade sun lotion! I have two recipes. Both are easy, but you can't go wrong with the Time-Saver Sunscreen...only mixing 3 ingredients simple.

There are tons of articles on why the majority of Sunscreens are toxic including this one from Dr. Axe, but I'm not going to get into that debate. I just know that my skin was irritated and I needed a solution other than nothing because that would ensure burning since my skin color closely resembles Casper the friendly ghost at the beginning of Spring.

Helichrysum essential oil and zinc oxide are the stars of these recipes. Read more about all the benefits of Helichrysum here. If you do stay out too long in the sun or you forgot to reapply and get burned there's an easy remedy to help heal the pain. A few drops of Lavender essential oil in a carrier oil (Coconut, Almond, Grapeseed, even Olive oil) or Aloe Vera Juice applied directly to your sunburn will do the trick. Start application as soon as you possibly can to prevent irritation.

Keep from getting burned this summer as you get your Vitamin D fix. Happy sunning!

Here's an extra tip if you're traveling to the beach with family or friends:
Instead of a cotton ball you can purchase a diffuser for your car. I have one similar to this one that you can purchase on Puritan.com. They have really good sales and you can usually get free shipping.

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Need more information about essential oils? Read more here.

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