Friday, March 7, 2014

Ideas in the Night

As a follow up to my last post Right or Left? I wanted to share a few the late night ideas I have. These two are home improvement ideas and from the past couple of weeks.

The rec room has become the nieces’ and nephew’s playroom. There are plenty of toys, large sofas and a massive antique television. And by massive, I mean, it was one of the first big screen televisions that came out...but notice I did not include flat screen. It was a 56” tube television. It took 4’x3’ of space itself. And by antique I mean it was about 12 years old. It still worked and was in great condition. But it was MASSIVE. Ha! So, I literally sat in that room after midnight and just stared at that side of the room. And it came to me. Give the television away while it still works. Replace that television with the one from my parent’s room. It’s a flat screen. They don’t use it enough to justify having one in that room. There is a table that I have in my office that would work perfectly as a stand for the television. Done. I had it. I knew what needed to be done. was I going to make that actually happen? Easy enough. Tell my mom and dad what I wanted to do. My dad only had to make one phone call to give that television away...just one! So, with a little elbow grease my dad and I got that massive apparatus out on to the back porch to be picked up. A little cleaning, brawn, rearranging and rewiring of the sound system and the plan was complete. And on top of that my dad even went ahead and installed shelves in the closet in that room.  It makes me so happy when I walk in that room because we’ve just got 4’x3’ back into the room. You can see how much room the television took by looking at the marks on the floor of where the table and television are now.

That same week I had the crazy idea that the refrigerator and freezer in the garage level foyer should be moved into the office/room on that level. My initial thought? Why has it taken me 10 years to think of that idea? My next thought...I want to start right now! I restrained myself, but I most certainly dreamed about it that night. I saw in my mind the layout of the room and foyer. So, what did I do to accomplish this? I started by telling my dad, of course. Well, what better day to start than on the day of the major ice storm in Nashville. We were basically trapped in the house.

I started cleaning the room up moving things around...I had a little more room to play with since I had just taken the table out of there.  I looked at the refrigerator and then I looked at the door...then I measured the refrigerator and then the door. Yep, that refrigerator is too big to go through that door. I was not going to let that kill my idea. There had to be a way. That’s
when my dad suggested we take the refrigerator doors off and the door off the hinges. We measured and this time it would barely fit, but it would fit. After a little finagling, it made it. The freezer was much more of a simple move. But what happens when you plug those two major appliances into the office/room outlet? They trip the fuse. That wasn’t going to stop us dad just worked some magic and switched some “stuff” around in the fuse box...something like hard wiring into the direct line or something like that. He made it happen and that’s all I needed to know.

After a little cleaning that left the foyer completely empty. But I had the solution for that. There was an antique sofa we are housing for my brother in the office/room (which is for sale if anyone happens to be interested). If I moved that, a floor lamp and the nightstand out into the foyer, that would allow for even more room back in the office/room. And while going through the closet in that room I came across a piece of artwork that my grandfather’s friend made for him. How had I never seen it before? Not having ever met my grandfather, this is a sweet little piece to have from his life. With all of that the foyer just became a welcoming entrance instead of a cramped food storage room.

So in two days, two places got transformed because of late night ideas. Neither cost me any money and neither would have happened without the assistance of my dad. He’s such a rockstar! I’m thankful that my parents agree to let me do some crazy things.

I’ll have to share some more of my late night ideas about of areas soon. There’s so many to choose from.

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Right or Left?

I am thankful today for parents that allowed me to dreams and help me get some of my crazy ideas completed. This weekend was one of those weekends that my dad helped me accomplish some of my ideas. I’ll go into more detail about those in part 2 of this post.

Most of my crazy ideas come to me between 11pm-2am. I dream about them, I write them down, I sketch or doodle them, I stay up for hours on end thinking about them. These ideas can be for home improvement, marketing, consulting, event planning, cooking/baking, helping find solutions to friends predicaments, to really just about anything. I’ve always been like this. Sometimes I would like an “off” switch, but usually I enjoy long as I don’t have to be up too early the next morning.

I recently became self employed. It’s been one of the most wonderful and difficult experiences in my life. A friend said that becoming self employed requires a paradigm shift....and boy were they right. I’m not sure if I’m fully made that shift yet. I’m working on it though. To be vulnerable, it requires a lot of strength and can feel very lonely at times.

You know that question that gets asked every time you are at a crosspoint in your life? The ‘what job/thing would you have if money/degree/etc wasn’t a factor’ question? I’ve asked a different version of that to myself a hundred times and on any given day that answer could change drastically. It’s not that I’m indecisive. I could honestly tell you what it would be for that day. I love children, so Monday could be a nanny. But, Tuesday, I’m into Managing. Thursday I could decide that I want to be married and a stay-at-home mom. Saturday I want to sell all that I own and pick a country and be a missionary.

I love being creative and resourceful. I love being organized. I enjoy freedom and structure. I think efficiency is a must. I like order just as much as I like getting things messy. I’m emotional. I’m rational. Work ethic is engrained in me. Playing is fun! Administration is necessary. Moving forward is essential. I love hockey and football. I simply adore a great facial and mani/pedi. Let’s talk marketing. But then let’s follow it up with everything Jesus, make up and shoes. Craft time is essential. Event planning and hosting brings me to life. I like veggie-ing out watching a movie. Romantic comedy or Action? Yes. Why be just right or just left brained when you can be both?

How do I take all the things I love and love to do and put it into the perfect combination?  I’m all over the board...a hot mess. And that’s what has brought me to the point of being self employed. Ha! I’ve had several jobs in varying industries. I’ve loved all of them...except for maybe one (thankfully, I’m 15 years removed from it). So, what am I doing to try to mix those all up? I call it Lifestyle Management. Others would call it Personal Assistant, but it’s so much more than that because it spans every part of one’s life.

Basically, I help people accomplish more than they could do themselves. Let’s face it, we can’t do all that we want to do by ourselves.

I’m not gifted in music, so I let those who are, be. How? I do the things for them that they are not gifted in. That could look like creating a spreadsheet to keep track of royalties, grocery shopping, setting up a Hootsuite account for their social media outlets, dropping them off at the airport. I don’t want to work in corporate America. But, I can help an executive get that extra deal or promotion because they had more time to focus on work and not worry managing household issues like a leaky roof or finding a maid. How do I make an athlete better at what they do? Why should they spend hours trying to figure out organizing their home or trying to make their own travel arrangements when it’s not their strength?

When we are able to dedicate our time to doing what we are called to do, we succeed. And everyone benefits from people walking out their callings. Will I do Lifestyle Management for the rest of my life? Who knows. I just keep trying to flow with the rhythm of God and go wherever He leads me. Each day is an adventure.

I’ll post about a couple of my recent home idea dreams that became reality to this weekend in the next few days.