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Stress to Bliss

Big News: Essential Oils being used on Patients at Vanderbilt University Medical Center!

Below is an amazing post on of the use of essential oils at the Emergency Room (ER) at Vanderbilt University Medical Center. These are some pretty incredible results with just the intermittent diffusion of certain essential oils. They also had patients commenting on the pleasant aroma of the we know that's not a normal sentiment! They have had such great results that they are now implementing essential oil use with patients. To watch the local news report about it view my post Being Stress-Free is easier than you think! If just smelling the essential oils can have this type of impact, imagine the benefits of aromatic, topical and ingestion combined!

I've started taking LifeLong Vitality trio. I wish I had scientific measurements to compliment my feelings. I can absolutely tell the difference and I'm only taking half the recommended daily dose! My energy le…