Friday, November 28, 2014

Last Daily Thanksgiving Special - Don't miss out on this one!

On Guard is dōTERRA®'s unique, proprietary blend formulated to support healthy immune function. Wild orange essential oil, combined with clove, cinnamon, eucalyptus and rosemary offer a fragrant, natural and effective alternative to synthetic options for immune support. On Guard, with its unique aroma, is one of our most versatile blends. It is also safe to use on counter tops, as a non-toxic way to cleanse surfaces, or to purify the atmosphere by diffusing. On Guard is superb for eliminating and controlling pathogens due to the potency of its constituents. For aromatic, topical, or dietary use. 

• Supports healthy immune function
• Protects against environmental threats
• Cleanses surfaces
• Purifies the skin while promoting healthy circulation
• Energizing and uplifting aroma  

Click here to read about 52 ways to use On Guard!

Don't miss out on this one. It is absolutely perfect for the winter season! Click on the doTERRA tab above or let me know if you need more info.

Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Daily Thanksgiving Special from doTERRA - Wednesday Edition

Cassia, a close relative of cinnamon, is notable for its wonderful fragrance. Mentioned in the Old Testament, cassia has literally been used for thousands of years both for its fragrance and calming properties. For aromatic or topical use. Cassia can be used in Cooking either as a replacement for Cinnamon in pies and breads or by itself in a myriad of entrees and desserts. Cassia is recommended for digestive problems including diarrhea and constipation.

• Promotes healthy digestion
• Supports healthy immune function
• Warming, uplifting aroma  

Clove is much more than a popular cooking spice, it is a favorite among both health care professionals and health conscious individuals for its many useful and healing properties. It is also a powerful antioxidant. For aromatic, topical, or dietary use. Dentists recommend and use it for its antiseptic and analgesic properties.

• Powerful antioxidant properties
• Promotes circulation
• Supports cardiovascular health
• Helps soothe teeth and gums
• Promotes oral health
• Supports a healthy immune system

 You can order online (just click on doterra tab above) or contact me for more information!

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Happy Thanksgiving! And doTERRA daily special!

Happy Thanksgiving!

It's here! My all time favorite time of year...Thanksgiving through New's finally here! This time is just magical. And this year we are having a family Thanksgiving at our house and I couldn't be happier! Our house will be full of 30 or so adults, more than a dozen kiddos and some precious the smell of deliciousness. Just thinking about this time of year puts a smile on my face. So wonderful!

I have Holiday Joy diffusing in my car and house...I may even be wearing it as perfume. Ha! I can't help's the perfect scent especially when paired with some JohnnySwim Christmas music.

doTERRA is doing a fun "daily Thanksgiving special" this week. Each day they have a new special that is only good for 24 hours. Today is buy a 15mL bottle of White Fir and receive a second bottle free!

"White Fir is recognizable as the common Christmas tree.  It is a powerful antioxidant and has historically been used for relief of exercised muscles, for soothing muscle and rheumatism pain and has been widely used for strengthening the immune system. Fir also increases poor circulation, is effective with genital and urinary infections, and reduces asthma and coughing. It energizes the body and the mind.  It is also used as a disinfectant and decongestant. White Fir is from the botanical family Pinaceae and comes from Austria.  The oil comes from the needles of the White (Silver) Fir tree."

Check my Instagram/Facebook through Friday for the special deal of the day. Each deal is ONLY available for THAT day.

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

Friday, November 7, 2014

Holiday Season starts now!

As of today, November 7th, there is 47 days until Christmas. Woohoo! I start celebrating Thanksgiving and Christmas the day after Halloween. And I may or may not have already been diffusing Holiday Joy a couple weeks before Halloween. I can't help it! I just love it so much!

A lot of you have family friends that are holistic...aka natural, granola, hippie, crunchy and so many more. It's not easy to get gifts for some of these friends and family members because you're just not sure what they do or do not use/eat/drink/wear. It can be a struggle especially when wanting to stay on a budget. Well, I've got a good place for you to start this year. So, if you're needing a thank you gift, host/hostess gift, Christmas, Thanksgiving, Birthday or no reason's a starting point.

doTERRA essential oils has a great Holiday Guide that's loaded with great options. Check out the virtual guide here. You won't want to miss out on the seasonal only items. Lip Balms and hand lotions are some of my favorites. And I want to try the Moisturizing Body Wash and Butter....mmmhhhhmmmm!

Want to be even more budget conscience this year? Make your own gifts for your holistic family and friends. Bath Salts, Lip/Feet/Hand/Body scrubs, Homemade food treats. Pinterest is loaded with many great recipes and many are super easy! You can check out my Pinterest Board for ideas here. Also, here's some ideas for the doTERRA blog. I love making homemade/personalized gifts (and it saves me a lot of money).

Place an order today because a lot of the seasonal items have been flying off the shelves and they are not restocking this year! For more info check out the doTERRA tab above or leave me a message!

47 days...folks...47 days! :)

Monday, September 29, 2014

New Skin Care Products!

Last week I told you about some new essential oil products that have been released. Today I'm super excited to share with you about the new skin care products from doTERRA.

Many people have commented on my skin over the past couple months and I would definitely give essential oils and drinking almost only water all the credit (with a slight nod to genes). I don't have a complicated routine that involves many products. I have a Clarosonic but I use it about once a week (sometimes it's once every two weeks), but other than that I use essential oils.

Here are two of the newest lines of skin care products that will do wonders for your beautiful face.


Veráge is an exclusive system of natural skin care products that nourish and hydrate skin and reduce the visible signs of aging. The advanced plant technology used in Veráge promotes an optimal lipid balance - the same found in healthy, youthful-looking skin.Each product is composed of true gifts from the Earth: nourishing plant extracts, pure and potent CPTG essential Oils, and select natural ingredients. The doTERRA Veráge Skin Care Collection delivers results you can see and feel, naturally.

Harnessing powerful plant extracts, emollients, and CPTG essential oils, Veráge provides your skin with everything it needs. Using the same stringent standards found in our CPTG essential oils, the ingredients used in Veráge are of the highest quality and purity. Each product in the Veráge system contains plant extracts that have been extensively researched and show to promote youthful-looking skin. Veráge has been scientifically formulated to provide a natural and efficacious system that brings skin back to life. Using Veráge daily will promote a smooth, resilient, glowing complexion.

The Veráge Skin Care line contains: Veráge Cleanser, Veráge Toner, Veráge Moisturizer, Veráge Immortelle Hydrating Serum

HD Clear

Although signs of problem skin may begin in the early teens, it effects individuals of all ages both
physically and emotionally. Many individuals experience skin issues for years, trying numerous products, harsh chemicals, and abrasive treatments to obtain clear skin. doTERRA has create a better way to address problem skin issues at their core - naturally and effectively. Introducing HD Clear, an advanced line of natural products that combine the power of CPTG essential oils and plant extracts to produce results you want and expect - clear, smooth skin.

 HD Clear is a three-step system that is synergistic, with each product building on the next to thoroughly cleanse and purify the skin, control overactive oil glands, and deliver optimal hydration for a balanced moisture level. Derived from pure plant extracts, the ingredients in HD Clear are gentle and calming to the skin, but powerfully effective. Using HD Clear every day will help reduce breakouts; promotes a clear, healthy complexion; and soothe the irritation of distressed skin. HD Clear provides a natural solution for problem skin of all ages.

HD Clear Skin Care line contains: HD Clear Foaming Face Wash, HD Clear, HD Clear Facial Lotion

You can purchase them as a set or individually to meet your needs. For additional information click on the links above. Feel free to check out my doTERRA tab to find more products or more information!

Thursday, September 25, 2014

New Products!

Happy Fall!

It's my favorite time of year for so many reasons...the weather, oh the weather, tops that list! I love Fall! It's amazing and so refreshing after a hot and humid summer. Another reason I love Fall is because doTERRA has their annual convention and they announce their new products. It's like Christmas time. Here are some of the new products that are available to you. Click on each to read more about the products.

Verage Skin Care Line
Correct X Essential Ointment
Breathe Respiratory Drops
Cardamom Essential Oil
Arborvitae Essential Oil  (doTERRA is the only EO company in the world that carries this oil)

If your like me, it's just about time for seasonal allergies to make their annual appearance. Stop them in their tracks with TriEase blend (for adults) or the Allergy Shooter in a roller ball bottle (for kids). And build those immune systems up with On Guard and Breathe before it's too late!

Let me know if you are interested in ordering any of these or click on the doTERRA tab above.

Friday, September 19, 2014

A Celebration of Regular Ol' Moments

It’s just after midenight and I’m sitting in my bed listening to soothing melodies of worship music reflecting on my day. Today was one of those days where you just don’t want it to end. There was no grandiose event or spectacular incident just a string of regular ol’ moments that even though were rather simple, they painted an exquisite display of God’s love and grace. I think these kinds of days are exactly what I long for...the days were I find so much beautiful in the unique, yet small moments. Don’t get me wrong, I love the days with seismic activity, but small moments that point to Something/Someone greater in the midst of everyday life are special and I’m learning to treasure them!

It’s Thursday. I had one thing on my calendar for today. Dinner with a friend. That’s it. I didn’t have a plan or list of what needed to get done. Nope. There was no agenda today except to make it to dinner on time. So when I got up, I made myself breakfast, drank coffee and tried to sort my thoughts. My mind felt a little cluttered, so I do what I know always helps. I got on my walking shoes, hopped in my car and headed for the trails. There is something magical that happens when I get on a trail....within the first few steps every worry, fear, problem, distraction just melts away. And the weather today, oh the weather today! It was absolutely gorgeous. The sun was shining, the crisp air and the light breeze rustled the leaves that have slowly started losing their lively green, the temperature just barely in the 70’ ideal weather. I breathed in deep and as I exhaled it was like every care left with that breath. My walks with Jesus always refocus me. I come alive when I take in His creation and talk with Him. It’s in this simple act I encountered such immense beauty. A walk in the park with my Best Friend refueled and refocused me today.

On my way home from that walk I knew what I wanted to do that afternoon. I wanted to sit in a coffee shop to read and write. So after a quick lunch at home I washed up and got in my car. I took a few seconds to consider my options...4 different Starbucks, Panera or The Well. All of these are within 5 miles of my house. I wish I could say that I prayed about it. I didn’t. I chose whatever sounded good to me at the moment. I don’t enjoy how I smell when I walk out of a Starbucks and since I had dinner plans I quickly crossed those off the list (and they don’t have almond or coconut milk...come on now, seriously?!?!). So, between The Well and Panera...The Well won. Even though I didn’t pray about it, looking back it seemed like God had something to do with where I ended up.

I settled into a comfy chair and got a cup of whatever the barista recommended. I noticed an acquaintance at one of the neighboring tables chatting with someone. Their convo looked pretty intense, so I thought better of interrupting and waiting until they finished. I’m a slow reader...well, to be fair, I’m more of a distracted reader. I’m easily distracted with what is going on around me, so every couple of paragraphs and I’m looking up and around at what’s going on. Sometimes it’s to ponder what I’ve read and sometimes it’s because...squirrel. Ha! I pull out my book Cold Tangerines by Shauna Niequist. I’m only on chapter 7 of forty-something. It’s a chapter on Friendship and she so eloquently puts to words what I’ve been wanting to express for years in a couple paragraphs. I’m enthralled in the chapter. I stop several times to underline and to sit and take in the weightiness of the topic. I decide to stop reading when the chapter was done so that I could let that settle. I wanted to absorb it, fully.

I catch myself staring into space several times...which can get awkward when it’s actually a person you are staring through. As I surveyed the room I noticed that my friend had left. I made note that I should send them a message to acknowledge that I saw them and had every intention to say hello. But then someone caught my attention. I don’t know this person, but they made me smile. There was something about them. Yes, it was a guy, but no, it wasn’t like what you’re thinking. There wasn’t anything extraordinary that stood was obvious that he was a Christian by the 20lb Bible he had in front of him and the stack of Christian books and journal nestled on the table. But maybe more than all of that, it was his joyful countenance and light he carried. Several times he was greeted by friends that were coming or going. Each time he lit up and looked at each person with intention and love. It was such a beautiful display of Jesus. As I said, I don’t know this person. I have no idea of his journey with Jesus or his profession or anything other than what I witnessed from a distance today.

And then there it was, that still small voice, that suggested I write a note of encouragement and hand it to him when I left. Oh boy. There was no question of what I heard and so I reached down into my computer bag and pulled out the notecards that happen to be in there. Why am I always so prepared? Haha! I say a prayer that goes something like this...“Lord, if you want me to write this, than you better give me the words.” Real endearing, right? Yeah, not so much. I was already more worried about the delivery of the note than writing the note. I love to encourage people, that part is easy. It was the awkward moment that I would go up to him that had me a little uneasy. Honestly, I’m pretty outgoing and can talk to just about anyone, but this seemed more vulnerable...much more vulnerable.

Just then I see a long time friend I haven’t seen in quite some time. We spend about 15-20 minutes catching up. It was refreshing. It was fun. It was ordinary, yet felt...yep, beautiful. I love when there are people you know that you can catch up with no matter the time that passes between with such ease. We hug and get back to our spots.

I look over at this gentleman and I say another prayer...this one went a little better...something like... “Jesus, what do you want to say to this person today?” That perspective changed everything. I found myself smiling as I was writing what I felt the Holy Spirit leading me to write. Oh the love that Jesus has for this man! How proud He is of him and his life. So, I wrote down as best as I could what I felt. I put the card in an envelope. And then...I put it in my book. I wasn’t ready to leave and I was not giving it to him until I was walking out. I go on to read another chapter of Cold Tangerines a little squirmish and distracted as I didn’t want him to leave before I did. My eyes jolted every time there was movement in his direction...which was often as it was busy as usual at one of the only true coffee shops in the area (and did I mention that it supports such great causes? Find out more here). I finally decide to give up on the reading and do the next logical thing...I pull up Instagram. :)

I decided that I must post on Instagram a pic of the paragraph that truly hit home just a little bit ago. I snap a pic and post it. It was so much what I always wanted to say that I had to share it. I am so delighted by the words...I find the moment...well, beautiful.  They are just words, but the sentiment and meaning are a real part of me that has been expressed in a way I couldn’t. Finally. It was written out. Beautiful.

I check my watch and I’ve got about 5-10 more minutes before I needed to pack up, so I was going to message my friend before I forgot. Pulled up Facebook and sent a quick message. As I hit send and see the comment post I notice one of the most recent posts was an article about the benefits of writing (read it here). It looked interesting enough. I read the article and it reminded me of a recent conversation I had with a friend of mine who is writing a book. The conversation centered around how writing is very therapeutic and can bring healing to deep parts of us. The article had research that proved what we already knew to be true through our own experience. I instantly copy the link and send a quick text to my friend. I simply say that the article reminded me of our recent convo and then I pasted the link. I got a quick response that thanked me and they would read it later. I was satisfied with that.

Well, I successfully procrastinated leaving, but it was time to pack up and head over to meet a friend for dinner. I pulled out the notecard and packed everything else up. I said my farewell to my long time friend and headed toward the man. Instantly, I felt my cheeks flush. I can’t remember the last time I felt myself get so flushed! There is always uncertainty with stepping out and taking a risk. I knew I needed to be obedient and not pass up an opportunity to show someone how much Jesus loves them, but I was uncomfortable this time. I wasn’t questioning myself and felt that I needed to push through it. I got to the table as he is scrolling through his phone. It was about 5 seconds before he looked up...oh man! did those 5 seconds feel like an eternity! He takes his ear phone out. I say something like...hi, so, uhm, I felt like I was supposed to write this. He, being much more comfortable than me, introduces him self and I introduce myself and meagerly mention that I felt compelled to give him this note. I hand him the note and bolt. No, seriously, I smile and leave. Ha! It’s comical thinking about it now, but I could have done that differently! I wanted the anonymity of it to remain. I didn’t sign the card with my name or any of my information. I wasn’t even planning on telling him my name, but it probably would have been rude to not respond when he introduced himself and I was being awkward already. I normally would have made room for a conversation, but I didn’t feel that way this time. I don’t know if anything on that card touched him. I don’t know if it meant anything to him. I may never see him again and may never know if it impacted him at all. And I’m okay with that. There is something special about taking a risk and walking away without ever knowing the results. Being vulnerable, overcoming fear and discomfort only to never know the result is absolutely...crazy, but beautiful at the same time. To be obedient was my only required response. What the Lord chooses to do on their end is up to Him. What He did in me was for me to glean from. I may not have done it as gracefully or comfortably as I hoped, but I did it. And I’m letting Jesus walk me through why He wanted me to do it.

I got into my car and was out of there. No looking back. Ha! Sushi with a friend was exactly the perfect way to get over that awkward feeling. My cheeks still feeling a little flushed, but easing with each laugh. As we are finishing up and chatting my sweet niece and my sis-in-law walk in and the joy on my niece’s face melts me. She makes me feel like the most special person in all of the world at that moment. Kids don’t hide their feelings that well, especially this one. She’s passionate and expresses it every chance she can. They are seated at their table. And across the restaurant I hear her saying “my Tasha.” My heart can’t take might just explode. Before leaving I head over to their table to say my goodbyes. My niece grabs my hand and won’t let go. She begs for me to stay and with each time she squeezes my hand a little tighter...white knuckles tight. It breaks my heart to have to leave, but at the same time I couldn’t be any happier. I’m not sure what I did to deserve her love and adoration, but I’m undone by it. It’s not a huge scene, but it’s a beautiful moment that I won’t soon forget. My heart was overflowing.

As I get into my car I get a text from my friend that I sent the article to. It says something to the effect...It was an amazing article and affirmation for them. They have been struggling for a couple weeks and helped them realize how journaling was helping them.   I didn’t know that they were struggling. I had no idea that the night before they had a hard time sleeping because they felt hopeless. I had no idea that when I sent them that article that it would remind them of a simple act that calms and eases the hard times. I had no idea that a simple text would impact them the way it did. I had no idea. I’m, in no way, giving myself credit for was completely at the prompting of the Spirit. It was His leading that I saw the post to begin with and Him who suggested that I send it to my friend. So, don’t hear me taking credit. I’m not. I am marveling in the beauty of the events that unfolded. It was orchestrated so perfectly by a Creator that is insistent on letting His children know that He loves them.

Think about it...If I would have not been enthralled in my book I would not have missed saying hi to my friend. If I would have said hello to her I would not have gone to her Facebook page to post a message. If I didn’t post a message on her page, I would not have seen her post with the article about writing. If I didn’t see that article I would not have sent it to my friend. If I didn’t send it to my friend they would not have been affirmed at that moment. If they weren’t affirmed they could have forgotten about how much Jesus loves them and felt hopeless. How can you not look at that succession of events and not see Jesus in it and the beauty of it all?

I was surrounded by life moments today that were not extravagant or massive. They were every day instances that could have been quickly overlooked or forgotten. And I look over on my bed and see my copy of Cold Tangerines and the tag line reads “celebrating the extraordinary nature of everyday life” and I’m reminded that all of these beautiful moments are worth celebrating to the fullest. Big moments are awesome and fun and great, but we can miss out of a lot of celebrating when we ignore all the small moments that are just as beautiful and worthy to be recognized.

As I reflect on my day, I remember that I asked the Lord on my walk with Him what my next steps should be. He didn’t answer that directly, but I committed to Him that I will take them as they come. He didn’t give me advance notice of my steps, but He led me today. He led my steps and gave me the opportunity to take a step. As I acted in each of these small moments, it felt like forward progress. Leaps and jumps are great because it’s when you see the most change, but the strength that is built through faith in the small steps is life changing. At the end of it all, all I can really say is that He led me today and it was beautiful.

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Photo Challenge

doTERRA is doing a photo challenge this month. It's fun. Each day they post a picture with a theme on Instagram. Some of the themes have Daily Routine, Lavender, In My Car, In My Bag, and more. doTERRA then picks a winner from those who post a picture that best fits the theme. It's been fun to see the winners and how other people use their essential oils. I haven't posted a picture yet...well, until today.

Today's theme was Nature. I knew I had to post a picture because there are two essential oil blends
that have allowed me to enjoy nature again. Since I've moved to Tennessee I've had bouts with sinus troubles and seasonal allergies. I was on prescription medication to help. I felt awful from the allergies and then felt even worse because of the meds. I even had one of the allergy drugs cause me to have mood swings. I was so over it, but didn't know what to do to relieve my allergy symptoms without drugs. And then I came across the "Allergy Shooter" (2 drops of Lavender, Lemon and Peppermint essential oils in 2 ounces of water). I was super skeptical that this little concoction could be my answer.  All doubts were out the door within 5 minutes. It worked and it didn't have any side effects. I was in heaven! And just when I didn't think it could better, doTERRA came out with TriEase softgels. It's the Allergy Shooter in a softgel. It makes it so convenient! It works better Benadryl and can work for most allergic reactions (should not replace an EPI pen for those with major allergic reactions).

I am a magnet...nope, not a chick insect magnet. My blood type is an insect's dream buffet apparently (yep, your blood type does have an about it here). And when I get a bug bite, they welt to the size of grapefruits. That is not attractive in any way and is very uncomfortable. I have a solution for insect bites using essential oils, but prevention is always best! And now I have the perfect blend to keep those pesky blood suckers away from me...TerraShield! It's an awesome blend that only requires a couple drops on me and I'm free to rome the outdoors.

With TriEase and TerraShield I can enjoy nature again. And this makes me so happy! I thoroughly enjoy walking in the park and picnics and the pool and trails and well, you get it. Nature and I have been reunited and it feels so good!

Friday, June 27, 2014

Commercially Drugged

I love when the World Cup comes around. It's a tournament that my family gets into. I love that it showcases so many nations and cultures. My mom was born and raised in Argentina and my dad in Paraguay so soccer has been ingrained in us from very young. We rooted for Argentina every World Cup since before I can remember. As I got older I would root for the USA as long as they were not playing against Argentina. This year is no different. There is a chance that Argentina will play the USA if both teams advance and it will be a bitter sweet ending no matter the result if the match should occur.

Needless to say, our television has been tuned in on the games from the start...which is a far cry from
the usual kids shows that are usually reeling. One thing I've noticed is the amount of pharmaceutical drug commercials that are played. There are SOOOOO many! It makes me so sad to watch these commercials and listen to the required "possible side effects" dialogue that seems to go on and on and on. Many people watch these commercials and want the quick fix pill. What they don't realize is that it is actually toxic and may be helping one issue, but most likely causing other problems.

Our society is conditioned into thinking that they can just ask their doctor to prescribe something as their first and only option without trying holistic remedies first. I'm not saying medication is wrong or completely bad. I used them for various things throughout my life. However, I am saying that maybe we should be more proactive about allowing our bodies to heal more naturally. For example, fevers are not the enemy...they are telling us the body is fighting some sort of infection. Most people have been trained at the first site of anything above 99.5' to get the Motrin, Advil or Tylenol when in fact, fevers should only be treated if there is severe discomfort. (Note: I'm referring to children and adults, not infants or senior citizens who have lower immune system function.) Check out the possible side effects and drug interactions below from for Tylenol:

When using Tylenol you are not curing the infection, you are only treating the symptoms.  In this case, you are reducing a fever. The same fever that is an indication of your body fighting an infection. The effects: your body is going to fight longer to rid the infection...meaning you'll take longer to heal than if you didn't take the Tylenol.

It baffles me how quickly people will run to Tylenol before they would try using Peppermint essential oil to ease discomfort cause by the fever. Peppermint essential oil has been around since the beginning of the world and used effectively for just as long.

There is something that drugs and essentials have in common and that is that neither cure. Only the body can heal itself. Essential Oils support the body's own natural healing process. They aid the body in healing itself faster without toxins and chemicals. Why would you not want to heal faster and more naturally?

I wonder what would happen to the Healthcare system if we didn't rely on the television telling us what drugs we need. 

Want to know more about Essential Oils? Learn more here. Feel free to contact me with questions!

This information is not intended to cure, diagnose or treat medical conditions, nor is it a substitute for the product user’s guide.  Please consult with a physician before beginning this or any other new health care program. No information provided has not been evaluated by the FDA and 100% my own.

Friday, June 20, 2014

Clinical Study using On Guard

I think it's pretty safe to say that no matter the condition of our teeth, most of us dislike going to the Dentist's office. It's a pretty vulnerable experience. I think I find it difficult because I can't actually see what they are doing. I'm one of those strange people that needs to watch the nurse inserting the needle when drawing blood. I like to know what's going on and to understand the process. I don't need all the details, but I like to have some knowledge and the ability to see the process. That's not usually something you can do at a dentist visit. I love Dentist's and what they do...I'm thankful for them, but I'm not sure I'll ever be happy to go for a visit.

I watched an interesting video today that I would like to share with you from a Dentist that has done clinical studies using On Guard at his practice. Please excuse the sound quality and listen to the results he is seeing with the use of essential oil in his practice. It is approximately 16 mins long and has some graphic images, but the information is important and shows how we can choose natural remedies even for surgical care. If you don't see the video below see it here:

This video makes me feel so much better knowing that I daily use On Guard tooth paste. You can incorporate it into your daily routine for healthier teeth, gums and mouth! And it's great for all ages! Here's some info from the doTERRA site about this incredible toothpaste: Fluoride-free toothpaste provides the protective benefits of therapeutic-grade On Guard essential oils against germs and other harmful pathogens, while also reducing plaque, and whitening teeth with gentle polishing agents. On Guard's unique cinnamon-mint flavor, with xylitol, also leaves your breath (and your toothbrush), fresh and clean.

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Sunny Days

Sunny days bring me joy. I have been loving the sun here in Nashville. It's been a little humid, yes, but it is middle Tennessee. I enjoy taking a stroll at the local park on these sunny days. About a month ago I started using some sun tan lotion (I will leave it nameless) and immediately started having a reaction to it. I have noticed this has happened in years past, but it was always pretty slight. It wasn't as slight this year. I don't know what in the lotion was causing me to have a negative reaction and I'm not going to test each ingredient out since that would just be too involved and I know a much easier solution. The solution? Non-toxic homemade sun lotion! I have two recipes. Both are easy, but you can't go wrong with the Time-Saver Sunscreen...only mixing 3 ingredients simple.

There are tons of articles on why the majority of Sunscreens are toxic including this one from Dr. Axe, but I'm not going to get into that debate. I just know that my skin was irritated and I needed a solution other than nothing because that would ensure burning since my skin color closely resembles Casper the friendly ghost at the beginning of Spring.

Helichrysum essential oil and zinc oxide are the stars of these recipes. Read more about all the benefits of Helichrysum here. If you do stay out too long in the sun or you forgot to reapply and get burned there's an easy remedy to help heal the pain. A few drops of Lavender essential oil in a carrier oil (Coconut, Almond, Grapeseed, even Olive oil) or Aloe Vera Juice applied directly to your sunburn will do the trick. Start application as soon as you possibly can to prevent irritation.

Keep from getting burned this summer as you get your Vitamin D fix. Happy sunning!

Here's an extra tip if you're traveling to the beach with family or friends:
Instead of a cotton ball you can purchase a diffuser for your car. I have one similar to this one that you can purchase on They have really good sales and you can usually get free shipping.

Want to place an order for doTERRA essential oils? Visit my page here.

Need more information about essential oils? Read more here.

Have questions? Please feel free to contact me. I would love to help answer your questions. You can reach me on any of my social sites that are located (via tabs) on this page. I look forward to hearing from you!

Monday, May 19, 2014

Being Prepared for Traveling

I LOVE traveling. I DETEST packing. This is a major dilemma. I want to take my whole closet and bathroom with me, every place I visit. Obviously, that is not possible reasonable. However, I've made it pretty simple for myself with packing my essential oils. I've made a list of what I need to take with me and now I'm sharing it with you.

On Guard+ Softgels:

Softgels combine the proprietary blend of doTERRA On Guard essential oil with Black Pepper, Oregano, and Melissa essential oils for additional immune support. On Guard+ is a great way to strengthen and maintain healthy immune function when seasonal threats are high or to protect against elements that can weaken the immune system. Encapsulated in vegetarian softgels, this distinctive blend contains essential oils known for their positive effects on the immune system and their ability to protect against environmental threats. On Guard+ should be taken on an occasional basis, when healthy immune function may be compromised. 
I usually start taking these a couple days before traveling to help build my immune system up. I normally use On Guard essential oil for day to day immune building, but extra support while traveling is necessary.  

On Guard Hand Sanitizer: (In a 15ml spray bottle)
All the benefits of On Guard plus Non Alcoholic Witch Hazel, Vitamin E and Aloe Vera. On Guard is Antibacterial, anti-infectious, anti-inflammatory, antiseptic, anti-viral, moodlifters, anti-carcinogen, anti-infectious, anti-parasitic, blood cleansers, immune system booster, digestive disorders.

On Guard Protecting Throat Drops: (Fill an old Altoids case with some)
Protecting Throat Drops provide the immune-supporting benefits of On Guard proprietary essential oil blend in the convenience of an all-natural throat drop. 
DigestZen Softgels:
DigestZen softgels are a convenient and easy way to obtain the benefits of the proprietary DigestZen essential oil blend. Each vegetarian softgel contains 120 mg of DigestZen, the oil blend you know and trust for overall digestive health. DigestZen contains a unique combination of Ginger, Peppermint, Caraway, Anise, Coriander, Tarragon, and Fennel to aid in digestion and ease stomach discomfort in a soothing, natural way—all in a vegetarian softgel that dissolves easily. DigestZen Softgels are perfect for on-the-go or for those wanting an easy way to consume DigestZen essential oil blend. 
Great for Motion Sickness and ALL kinds of stomach issues!
Generally, Lavender is good for everything - Swiss Army Knife of oils - very versatile for young and old, by itself or mixed with other oils. It has a sedative and tonic action on the heart (hysteria, nervous tension, palpitations) and calms cerebro-spinal excitability; it is renowned for its nerving - sedative properties, and has proved valuable in a variety of nervous and psychological disorders, including depression, insomnia, migraine, hysteria, nervous tension and paralysis. 
This is a wonderful way to help relax you and get you rested for bed...even when changing time zones. This is also a great way to help getting settled for a flight if you're not a great flyer. It's also great for any skin issues (and sunburn!). Read more reason to have Lavender essential oil with you here.

Analgesic, antibacterial, anti-carcinogenic, anti-repellent, antifungal, anti-inflammatory, anti-nausea, antiseptic, antispasmodic, cockroach repellent, digestive aid, driver of other oils, expectorant, fever reducer, headache relief, invigorating, menopause symptom relief, mental clarity, mice repellent, motivating oil, relieve colic, stamina enhancement, and much more.
Great way to keep headaches at bay...and ants/cockroaches! Read more about Peppermint essential oil here

Citrus Bliss Hand Lotion:
No explanation why you should have hand lotion...but lotion with Citrus Bliss is going to make a huge difference! Citrus Bliss’s special combination of elements is anti-bacterial, anti-depressant, antiseptic, circulation improvement, detoxifying, immune system booting and has a wonderful sweet fragrance that works well in a working environment as a motivator and in home to brighten each person’s outlook. Need I say more? Stay happy even if there are delays or unexpected circumstances.
Key Chain Travel Kit with favorite essential oils or beadlets:
Here's some really good options to put in a key chain travel kit:
Lemon (I usually bring a whole bottle to put in my drinking water)
Peppermint Beadlets
Peppermint and Wild Orange Lip Balm
Carrier Oil
Wild Orange
Deep Blue (or Deep Blue packettes)

TriEase Softgels:
TriEase Softgels were developed to protect against seasonal and environmental elements and to promote a healthy respiratory system when needed most. Each softgel contains equal parts of Lemon, Lavender, and Peppermint essential oils, known for their ability to maintain clear breathing and a healthy inflammatory response when combined together.
Great for all kinds of allergic Benadryl but natural!

Okay. So, I wish I could take all my oils with me too, but that's probably obsessive. This is a great list that is a great start. Think through how long you'll be gone and then decide how much you will need.  Save yourself trouble and pain. Be's the best cure! And as always drink lots and lots of water!

Thursday, May 15, 2014

Detox Bath and Facial

I have learned more about Toxins in the last week or so than I ever imagined I would. As I have changed my eating habits (for the better, of course) and moved towards natural products my body is cleansing itself out. My body is releasing hasn't been the most enjoyable experience. I figured that I could do something to help get those toxins out. So, I decided to take a bath. Yep, a bath. I mean, seriously, why not? It's one of the easiest, most relaxing way to get rid of toxins. I came across A LOT of detox bath ideas...but then I came across one that I knew that I had to try. The Ultimate Detox Bath!

Oh my goodness! It was exactly what I was wanting. And if it eludes to how much I loved it let me mention that I've done this detox bath two days in a row! As much as I enjoy Lavender essential oil I wanted to go with something a little different. I combined Ylang Ylang (Helps balance hormones, Promotes healthy skin and hair, Lifts mood while having a calming effect) and Sandalwood (Promotes healthy, smooth skin, Reduces the appearance of scars and blemishes, Enhances mood) which are both known for detoxing qualities as well. I loved the combination and helped calm the scent of the Apple Cider Vinegar as well.

The second time I took the Ultimate Detox Bath I decided that I was going to step it up a notch and do a homemade Clay Facial Mask as well since I already had the clay out. I washed it off halfway through my soaking and success! Double relaxation! I'm slightly obsessed with facials and I really, really enjoyed this facial mask. It also happens to be cheaper than going to a spa. Frankincense may be one of my favorite essential oils already, but add it to a clay mask and I'm in heaven! You can choose different essential oils, but I would recommend at least 1 drop of Frankincense. You're complexion will thank you for it.

All those hours I spent learning more about toxins and finding baths and facial "recipes" all melted away in 2 soaks. So worth it. Not to mention that I was ridding my body of unwanted toxins. 

There are different types of Bentonite Clay. To understand it more read about it here on Wellness Mama's blog. Some worry about whether to use Sodium Bentonite or Calcium Bentonite, from what I've read and learned up to this point they both work great. If you are struggling with too much sodium in your diet, then stay away from Sodium Bentonite. Redmond Clay is a great choice as it has both Sodium and Calcium. I went to Vitamin Shoppe and bought this one ...which they currently have an online sale for it too! [[It is a Calcium Bentonite if you wanted to know]] I do not know if the local Whole Foods carries Redmond Clay or not, but I'll be checking on my next trip.

One thing to keep in mind is do not let the Bentonite clay come in contact with metal as it will loose its effectiveness...mix with plastic in plastic or glass. I used a spatula in a glass measuring cup when making my clay facial.

Go ahead...give it a try and enjoy. Get rid of toxins by taking a bath. Oh and you should probably not take a bath unless you're ready for bed. You will be ready for bed after the Ultimate Detox Bath. You can use the facial any time of the day, but keep in mind that it is perfectly normal for your face to be red for about 30 minutes after the facial.

Do you have a favorite mask or detox bath?

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

As the deer pants for streams of water...

Today I went for a walk in the park. It's one of my favorite ways to clear my head. I needed the walk today. I needed time away with Jesus. The past couple months have been a challenging time...definitely good, but challenging. I've been learning so much about Faith and trust. I was having some bouts with feeling like I was sinking today and not walking on water so much. So, I went for a walk. It's starting to get warm and humid here in Nashville, but the trees provide perfect shade along the walk. Within a couple minutes I was crossing over a bridge that goes over a small creek. Half way on the bridge I noticed a deer standing in the creek about 750 ft away. He was covered in the shade drinking some water. I snapped a photo and started back on the walk. On my way back I crossed the same bridge and on the other side was another deer about 500 feet away. He was also drinking as he stood in the creek. I looked to the other side and the other deer was still enjoying the coolness of the creek and shade. My mind went to the scripture in Psalm 42:1 that says: "As the deer longs for streams of water, so I long for you, O God." Now, mind you, I was born and raised in New Jersey in a part of the state where you had to watch for deer crossing at all times. And I was raised in a family where both brothers would avidly hunt and a dad who would take them. So, being able to spot deer just about anywhere would not be uncommon for me and I was in a park after all, so it wouldn't be uncommon for deer to be there, but I can't help but think that the Lord was showing me some love.

I was gently reminded that resting in the shade of His love and drinking of living water is where I need to remain. No matter the heat, He refreshes me. No matter the chaos around I can choose to rest in the coolness of His grace and mercy...under the shadow of His wing. He sees me. He cares for me. He's got me. He will continually be my source for all that I need. I just need to continue to long for him like the deer longs for streams of water. I'm so thankful that I serve a God who reassures me whenever and wherever. I am thankful for His love that embraces me. I'm thankful for His peace that He gives so generously. I'm thankful that He's always speaking to me and I don't have to be at church to hear His voice. And I'm ever so grateful that He is ALWAYS with me. He's so faithful. 

Are all doubts gone? No. Am I in a much better place? Absolutely. He's so good to me. So, I will repeat Psalm 42:11 the rest of the day: "Why am I discouraged? Why is my heart so sad? I will put my hope in God! I will praise him again - my Savior and my God!"

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Mama Mia!

Here's a great opportunity to get all the Mama's in your life something different that she'll absolutely love! Each blend is perfect for the woman who needs to feel loved and pampered. I use Serenity as my go-to perfume...imagine the benefits by wearing a calming blend all day...especially if you've got kiddos running around or for the working mom that never gets a break.

Not a mom? This is still a great gift for all the woman in your life...including yourself!

Serenity - Calming Blend:  Stress is a major contributor to illness and disease, in fact, it is estimated that more than 90% of all visits to health care professionals are related to stress. Serenity is a blend composed of individual oils with known calming properties which create a sense of well-being and relaxation. Lavender, sweet marjoram, roman chamomile, ylang ylang, sandalwood and vanilla bean create a subtle aroma ideal for aromatic diffusion or topical application. Applied to the bottom of the feet at bedtime, dōTERRA's Serenity is an excellent way to promote restful sleep. Added to a warm bath Serenity creates the perfect escape with its peaceful, renewing fragrance. For topical or aromatic use.

Balance - Grounding Blend: Everyone experiences moments of disconnectedness or anxiety. The warm, woody aroma of Balance, dōTERRA's grounding blend, creates a sense of calm and well-being. We perfectly blend spruce, rosewood, frankincense, and blue tansy with fractionated coconut oil to offer an enticing fragrance which promotes tranquility and a sense of balance. For aromatic or topical use.

Whisper - Blend for Women: dōTERRA's Whisper is a perfect balance of several CPTG essential oils unified to impart beauty, femininity, and allure. Containing rose, jasmine, bergamot, cinnamon, cistus, vetiver, ylang ylang, cocoa, vanilla, sandalwood, and patchouli. Whisper's subtle fragrance, once applied, mingles with your individual scent to enhance the essence that is all your own. For topical or aromatic use. 

 Want more information or want to place an order? Email me. This is a limited time offer (ends May 2nd, 2014) or while supplies last (which won't be for long!).

Monday, April 14, 2014

2 Classes This Week!

2 Classes. 2 Days. 2 Locations. 
Let me know if you would like to come to one (or both) and I'll get you the full details. 
You can email me at NatashaMaciuk @ (remove spaces) or message me on Facebook.
Don't forget to check out my other social media pages by viewing the tabs on this page.

Hope to see you at a class! 
And if you would like to host a class or meet one-on-one...let me know as well! I love to share about natural ways to improved health!

Thursday, April 10, 2014

Set the World on Fire

"Be who you were created to be, and you will set the world on fire." -St. Catherine of Sienna

Could it possibly that easy to set the world on fire? To be a world changer? Just to be who you were created to be? That's it? Sounds so simple. Yet I bet each one of us know the struggle that it can be to be who we were created to be.

Do we know who we were created to be? We certainly know who the world tells us to be. Our "role models" are performers, entertainers and high profile figures. How much of the every day lives do we even know of these role models? We set them on pedestals without knowing them. But if we see money, lots of friends, awards, etc we equate it to success. And we all want to be successful. Could it possibly be that our definition of success is not biblical at all? Even gives us one of the definitions of success as "the attainment of wealth, position, honors, or the like."

There has to be a shift in our thinking. I'm not saying that attaining wealth, position, honors or the like are bad. I think that those are all by-products that we may not receive here on earth. After all, our treasures are stored up for us in heaven (Matthew 6:20), right? You can have the world's version of success here on earth, but that does not guarantee you to have heavenly success/treasures.

John Wooden gave this definition to success:
Success is peace of mind which is a direct result of self-satisfaction in knowing you did your best to become the best that you are capable of becoming.

I would like to add one more thought to his quote and that's "to bring glory to God and further His kingdom." Success is really not about us. I realize this can bring up a lot of questions with "works" and I'm not talking about "works/grace" now. 

So who were you created to be? If you are a Christian, you are an ambassador for Christ (2 Corinthians 5:18-20) matter where you work, where you live, or your age. But to be an ambassador you need to know who you are and who you represent. You are free, loved by God, righteous, complete, alive, holy, God's workmanship, and so so so much more. Read Knowing Who I Am in Christ for a list of all that you are. In fact, you may want to read it out loud every day for 30 days to really get it in you. Seriously. Read them out loud every day for 30 days and see what happens.

You can be a musician, a stay-at-home mom, work in Corporate America, or really whatever and be an ambassador for Christ. And as you do your best with what you have in front of you to bring glory to God and further His kingdom you will set the world on fire. You will change the world...even if it's just for the world around you. That sounds like success to me. I know a lot of successful stay-at-home moms who never receive any earthly awards or payment. I know tons of entertainers that are better than the world's greatest that do not receive the financial blessings of their talent. I know many missionaries that should be rewarded for the change they are bringing to nations. I know people that have reached the peak of worldly success receiving awards, accolades, wealth. Each one of these are incredible ambassadors who are doing what they were created to do to the best of their ability not for themselves but for God...not one of them is better than the other. Each one is changing the world.

The world needs you to be who you were created to be.

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

doTERRA Essentail Oil Class on April 15th

Essential Oils. If you read my posts, you've heard a lot about them by now. Or maybe you have friends or family talking about them. If you are anything like me, you have plenty of questions about essential oils. I love talking about them because I know from personal experience how they have helped me gain overall wellness naturally. Oil Classes/Parties are a great way to learn more about essential oils. And lucky for you there is a class coming up on April 15th, 2014 in the Lenox Village area. Click here to link to the event. Can't make it to the class? You can schedule one for you and your friends or I can meet with you (in person or over the phone). Don't delay because you don't have all the answers, learn more at a class or a meeting.

Saturday, March 29, 2014

An Updated Version of 60 Tips

So, I came across this incredible post today on a blog called "Serendipity and Creativity" called: 60 Little Tips That Can Change a Girl's Life.

It is such a great list that I wanted to share it. I did make some changes to it though...slight but helpful ones that help you save money, keep it natural and add tons of life giving wellness! My changes/additions are in purple.
  1. Download a banking app.
  2. Drink more herbal tea. It will save your life. Add 100% pure essential oils for added benefits! (Peppermint, Lavender, On Guard, Fennel...all good options!)
  3. Making your own coffee/tea instead of buying it will make you a rich woman.
  4. Always have at least 6 chap sticks stocked up. Make your own natural lip balm...with Peppermint and Wild Orange essential oil for amazing soft lips!
  5. Add 1 drop of Peppermint essential oil to your Lip Gloss to make lips voluptuous.
  6. Check out thrift stores. You may have to wash things three times before you get the old lady smell out, but it’s well worth it. Add 1 drop of Lavender essential oil and you may only need to wash it once to get the smell out.
  7. Never buy cheap jeans.
  8. Buy cheap sunglasses instead.
  9. Don’t chase boys.
  10. Wrinkle spray and a hair dryer erase all need to ever use an iron for all of you lazy iron-ers like me.
  11. Wear slippers when you have to drive in heels.
  12. Wear slippers when you’re traveling.
  13. Wear slippers at all moments that it’s even slightly acceptable to wear slippers.
  14. Spend a little extra money on your make up; it’s so worth it.
  15. Get running sneakers that are actually effective and not just cute.
  16. NEVER go to bed with your make up on.
  17. Get like a thousand packs of make up wipes, because they work the best. Make your own natural ones to save money and your face!
  18. Buy your wine from a box, it’s way more cost efficient and being “wine classy” is so overrated.
  19. Carry headphones in your pocket at all times.
  20. Pick your girls over your boyfriend often, because almost always, the guys come and go and the girls are still there.
  21. Get a really nice strapless or “sticky bra” and you will realize how much better everything looks without your old straps popping out.
  22. Wash your face.
  24. Never neglect to paint your toe nails.
  25. Eat breakfast.
  26. Make a summer playlist for when you need to walk in the cold and start actually getting depressed.
  27. Get a super awesome coffee mug.
  28. Realize that you can pull off red lipstick, rock it girl.
  29. Make guys take you on dates that don’t involve a bar or dingy basement.
  30. Never try dieting pills or fads. It’s all a bunch of garbage, just be healthy.
  31. Call your mom when you need help.
  32. Forget name brands. No one really cares, and you will have three times the wardrobe to choose from if you shop at Tj Maxx and Marshalls first.
  33. Make sure you have at least one friend that likes your favorite TV shows.
  34. And your favorite snacks.
  35. There is this amazing invention called “boob tape” to wear with strapless dresses and you need to purchase it. You don’t need twenty candid photos of you pulling up your dress on the dance floor at a formal event anymore.
  36. Ask for a white coat underneath the color when you get your nails done and the color you wanted looks so much more vibrant. Also, go for the glitz nail.
  37. Never spend too much time crying over a boy.
  38. Order the dressing or sauce on the side ladies. You’d be amazed at the difference.
  39. Always try clothing on before you buy it. Don’t even try to reason with yourself, “Well I don’t need to try this on”, yes you do.
  40. Drink as much water as humanly possible. Add 1-2 drop of Lemon essential oil to every ounce of water for added benefits and detoxing your kidney/liver!
  41. One foundation does not fit all. Your skin is unique; so spend the time to get a foundation that doesn’t look like you just smudged your face with paint.
  42. Use your iCalendar on your phone for reminders. It sends you emails and will give you instant organization.
  43. Get a microwaveable heat pad. Your cramps and back will thank you for the rest of your days. Make your own...add a couple drops of Serenity essential oil blend for overall relaxation. And do your hormones/cramps a huge favor by buying Clary Calm essential oil blend. Trust me on this one!
  44. Understand that Ben and Jerry’s will always be the best remedy for a broken heart and no shame is ever needed in that.
  45. Stock your car, desk, and bags with hand sanitizer. Make your own. Super easy, cheap and natural...and it guarantees that it’s non-alcoholic. 
  46. Keep Advil in your purse for your every day headaches.  Keep Peppermint essential oil in your purse for your headache. Just a sniff and a dab on your temples, back of neck can do the trick. And it doubles as a breath freshener as well!
  47. Band-Aids too, heels are beautiful little monsters.
  48. Befriend store associates because they actually will help you.
  49. Light butter popcorn is actually a great choice.
  50. Exercise when you’re stressed out.
  51. You can and will never have too many pairs of underwear. Buy as many as you want girlfriend.
  52. Find the perfect moisturizer. Make the perfect moisturizer. Coconut oil and a couple drops of an essential oil (citrus essential oils are a great way to brighten your skin).
  53. Accessories are life changing.
  54. Take bubble baths. Make it an Epsom Salt bath with a few drops of essential oils for added relaxation and detoxification. Lavender and Serenity blend are fabulous for this!
  55. Have granola bars on hand at all times.
  56. Read as much as you can for your own enjoyment. You shouldn’t forget about what interests you.
  57. Look natural in photos and smile with your teeth. Don’t do that weird grimace smile; your teeth are perfect just the way they are. Use On Guard toothpaste to help whiten, clean and strengthen your teeth.
  58. Don’t blow off going to the doctor or dentist. It’s incredibly important to take care of your body.
  59. Get your beauty sleep. Add a drop of Lavender essential oil to your wash when washing your sheets and sleep better than ever before.
  60. Use hand lotion. You can make your own or buy natural ones that will add years back onto your hands. Grapeseed oil with a drop of Wild Orange essential oil is revolutionary.
  61. Make a natural scrub you can use for your hands. Easy, inexpensive and feels like a mani every time!
  62. Make chocolate chip pancakes when ever possible.

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Dr.'s Orders

Oregano oil superior to antiboiticsI am a fan of Dr. Josh Axe. I met him and was able to attend several classes he taught when I worked at Mercy Ministries of America in Nashville, TN. I've been following him over the years.

Recently he posted this great article entitled Oregano Oil Benefits Superior To Prescription Antibiotics. Take a moment to read the's full of great information!

Then click on the doTERRA tab and order a bottle of Oregano today! My dad has been using it for oil pulling and my nephew has been having it put on the bottoms of his feet to combat a cold this week. I used it to remove Skin Tags...check out my post Tag, You're It to find out more.

Also, don't forget a drop or two for cooking is great! Essential oils don't go bad, so just leave in your spice cabinet and never worry about the expiration date. Saves room, money and it 100% pure.

Learn more about Oregano essential oil here.

Monday, March 17, 2014

Spring News!!!

Just had to share some NEW products that doTERRA has released! All of these can be found on the doTERRA tab on my site.

TriEase Softgels- Seasonal Blend

If you have ever suffered with Allergies, Sinusitis or any sort of allergic reaction this might become your best friend! I've posted before about an "Allergy Shooter" which is Lemon, Lavender and Peppermint in water and taken as a shot, well, now it's available in the convenience of a Softgel! These are cheaper than Claritin and Zyrtec, have no side effects and are natural...what's not to love!?!? I am buying mine today!

"A new and innovative dōTERRA product, TriEase Seasonal Blend Softgels were developed to protect against seasonal and environmental elements and to promote a healthy respiratory system when needed
most. Each softgel contains equal parts of Lemon, Lavender, and Peppermint essential oils, known for their ability to maintain clear breathing and healthy inflammatory response when combined together. Enjoy your spring activities and ease your seasonal discomfort with TriEase Seasonal Blend Softgels."

Slim & Sassy Softgels - Metabolic Blend

Have you been looking for a natural way to curb your appetite to aid with weightloss? Than this is what you've been looking for in the convenience of a Softgel! All natural with no harmful stimulants! 

"Slim & Sassy Softgels contain doTERRA's
proprietary Slim & Sassy essential oil blend in a convenient softgel to promote weight loss in a healthy, natural way. The flavorful blend of Slim & Sassy contains essential oils known to help manage hunger throughout the day while boosting metabolism and promoting a positive mood. Slim & Sassy Softgels are a convenient on-the-go solution for those hoping
to maintain a healthy weight for life."

 And don't forget that there is a promo for 10% off on OnGuard Concentrate Cleaner.