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Showing posts from December 22, 2013

According to Earl

Yesterday I was working at one of my favorite offices also known as Panera. I have friends who can't stand working from a place that constantly has people coming and going. It's one of my favorite spots to work though. Maybe it's because I love little distractions here and there to get me through? Or perhaps it's because I can get inspired by almost anything? It could very well be a mix of several reasons. I also love people watching and it is a perfect place to do that. At this particular Panera there is an older gentleman, Bill, that I know I have blogged about long ago. Bill is still faithful to his afternoon routine of setting himself up in a comfy chair with a coffee and making new friends. Since the last time I mentioned Bill and the Liars Club, some of his friends have come and gone. There is a new regular that joins Bill most days and his name is Earl. I love watching them start conversations with people and talk about everything and anything.

Well, I had been …