Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Scrub-a-dub-dub the holidays!

We are a couple days away from Halloween. That means Friday is NOVEMBER! November brings on the busyness of the holidays. This time of year can get really busy and overwhelming. Family, shopping, cooking, running from place to place, traveling around the country and even world. Just thinking about it is starting to stress me out and I don't even have to travel this year.

Here's some tips to incorporate in your daily life to help make it a smooth and happy holiday season.
(Please only us CPTG oils like doTERRA oils.)

1.) Hydrate. Drink lots and lots of water. Add a couple drops of Lemon Oil to help keep you hydrated and on track. Want a little more flavor? Use a couple drops of Citrus Bliss Oil Blend. I gave a sample to a friend and she says it's her favorite thing to drink every morning.
*Only use glass bottles if you are adding essential oils especially citrus oils.

2.) Rest. Get plenty of sleep. While traveling take Lavender Oil or Serenity Oil Blend with you. Use to help promote deep, restful sleep.

3.) Stay healthy. The best medicine is prevention. Use On Guard daily to help build your immune system.

4.) Gifts. Have holiday parties where you have to exchange a gift? Make inexpensive, but cute homemade gifts. Over the past few weeks I've had several birthday parties to attend. As much as I love to celebrate others I don't have an unending budget for gifts.

Here's a great gift set that I've made for several friends. Many of these can be made with items you already have in your home. I made a Citrus Bliss Sugar Scrub for hands and feet, a Serenity Bath Salt for an evening bath and a Spiced Chai Sugar Scrub Cubes for the shower. This is a great way to introduce friends and family to natural and healing remedies. It also shows them the endless uses for essential oils.

4 oz. glass sealing jars from TJ Maxx, Organic Sugar, Epsom Salt, Organic Chai Tea, Coconut Oil from local grocery store and doTERRA oils.

Let's face it...the holidays can get stressful, but there are ways to make it so much more enjoyable. Use the tips above and remember the reason for the season and it should be one of the better ones!

I'm placing an order this Friday, November 1st. Let me know if you want to add to my order. This saves on shipping! And don't forget...you can order the new Holiday Joy scent....ahhhh! It smells like Christmas and is amazing!