Thursday, September 5, 2013

Being Stress-Free is easier than you think!

Have you ever been walking just going along your way, you picked up a scent in the air and it reminded you of a place or person? Usually it's welcomed and good, but sometimes it's not. We can instantly have a positive or negative physical reacting to that smell. It's amazing how our body reacts to differing aromas. A cup of fresh brewed coffee = Simply delightful. Centennial Hospital = Old, urine, disgusting. I have experienced the difference aromas can have. And having a diffuser I can tell you personally how much it can impact me from feeling excited, ready to take on the day to ready for a deep sleep and restful night.
Yet when I watched the video of a Fox17 News report from May 2011 on using Aromatherapy in Vanderbilt's Emergency Room I was still surprised at the results!

Although, it is no surprise that they used doTerra products for this experiment as they are the best quality and safest products out there.

They used various doTerra oils (Wild Orange, Lime, Lemon, Citrus Bliss) in a diffuser throughout the ER. 60% of the staff at Vanderbilt said that they were frustrated while at work before the oils were being dispersed. After they starting using the oil only 6% said they were frustrated while at work! Woah!

41% of the Vanderbilt ER staff said they were stressed prior to oils being used throughout the ER. Only 3% said they felt stress at their job after the use of oils. That can't be coincidence!

Watch the segment below. It's only 3 and a half minutes... see for yourself!

Can you imagine being less frustrated or stressed? Could it be as easy as diffusing oils? The answer is heck YES! It's so worth it. You can do this in your place of work or at home. Imagine customers or clients sensing more at ease and calm. Your ratings will go up just because your surrounding smelled good and they felt less stressed! At home...imagine your household being less stressed and relaxing. You'll feel better and be able to conqueror the world!

You can get a quality diffuser on use GreenAir SpaVapor. And depending on what you need you can find an oil or oil blend that is right for you from doTerra. Citrus Bliss, Serenity or Balance are great blends that have stress reducing properties. InTune is a great blend for assisting with focus (we all could benefit from increasing our focus!).

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It really is that easy. And don't take my word...these stats don't lie: