Friday, August 30, 2013


I have gone back and forth on if I wanted to be an Independent Product Consultant or not. But, I finally took the plunge (with a little help from my sweet friend Jill)! I usually get really frustrated at friends who try to exploit friendships when they start their businesses. And I did not want to be that person. I am going to do everything I possibly can to not be that person! I will be available to those who would like to purchase through me, but I will refuse to be that friend.

So....what is the product? It's something I use and have been for some time. It goes against conventional and I realize some think it's "granola" or "hippie" but it's natural and healthy. It's doTerra essential oils. Why doTerra? Because of the level of purity of their products. They are currently the only oils that can be ingested...that's a big deal. No other oil company can say that...not even anything at Whole Foods.

You may or may not use currently use oils. If you do, you know how amazing they are. If you don't, now is a great time to start using them. Remember, oils were the healing solutions used in the Bible (outside of Jesus' power)...check out James 5:14. Have children? Even better reason to go natural.

There are blends and oils to assist with your overall wellness. You name the it, there is an oil or blend that you will benefit from! Here's a list of a couple in different categories:
Physical: Migraines. Blisters. Skin care/Anti-Aging. Joint pain. High blood pressure. Lack of sleep. Allergies. Low immune system. Bed wetting. Digestion problems. Insect bites. Bug repellent. Colic. Diaper Rash.
Emotional: Insecurity. Depression. Tension/Stress.
Mental: Lack of Alertness, Focus and Balance. Grounding.
More: Household Disinfectant (toxic free and cheaper than from the store). Ant repellent. Deodorant. Lip Balm. Sugar Scrubs (no additives and costs less than $5 to make for a mason jar worth!)

Oils can be applied topically, ingested or used in a diffuser. Sometimes just a little sniff from the bottle can have an effect.
Okay. So, after all that, here's just me letting you know that if you use essential oils (or want to start) and want to order the best oils out can through me. Have an issue you want to heal through oils, but don't know which ones? Let me know and I'll help you find the perfect oil or blend.

I can usually get you up to 25% off the prices listed on the site, so place your order with me instead of on my site. And I can then split the tax and shipping between all the orders. I want you to save money too!

I am placing a order early next week. If you have an order you would like to place, I need to know by THIS SATURDAY (August 31st).
Here's the website where you can find out more information on the oils:  . Feel free to pass my info along to anyone else you may think would be interested in a healthy alternative and wants to save money doing it.

Again, I have no intention of inundating you with commercials on oils or making this the only thing I talk about. My heart is to make you aware that there are other solutions to drugs or toxic methods and help you get the best.
If you want a once a month reminder a week in advance to when I'm placing an order, let me know and I'll put you on that email list. If not, no hurt feelings here. I'll probably add a solution to common issues like cold and flu, headaches, ear infections, pink eye, etc.
Feel free to contact me with any questions!

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