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Good Despite...

Sometimes we need a good reminder that it's definitely not about our ability.  It's about our availability. I've needed this reminder a lot recently as I decided to take a step of faith with resigning from my current job...without having another job lined up. Thankfully the Lord knows exactly what we need and He allowed me to read this reminder that I want to share with you.

These excerpts are from Undaunted by Christine Caine:
What's the Mission: Impossible you've been declining because you claim you're not up to it? And when will you finally accept that appointment with destiny?

He [God] chooses each of us to do something for him despite our past failures, limitations, and inadequacies. Abraham was old (Genesis 17:1, 24:1), Sarah was impatient (Genesis 16), Noah got drunk (Genesis 9:20-27), Miriam was a gossiper (Numbers 12:1-2), Jacob was a cheater (Genesis 25-27), Jonah ran away (Jonah 1:3), David had an affair (2 Samuel 11-12), Elijah was moody - one m…