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You, Yes, You!

Earlier this week I posted about my feelings on Valentine's Day. If you haven't read can read it here. I truly adore Valentine's Day. It makes me happy...even as a single girl I can say that I absolutely think it's a delightful holiday. I so enjoy seeing people take the time to express their love. You may be the exception to the rule, but as a whole, many of us don't do it quite enough. Telling someone that they are loved can change their life. It's so important to stop for the one. I was at the bank today and as I was leaving I passed an employee that was positioned as a "greeter" next to a table that had a bowl of lollipops on them. As I went to get myself a sucker I looked up at her, smiled and wished her a Happy Valentine's Day. Her demeanor completely changed from a forced smile to a relaxed smile. Now, did I just take away all her problems, issues, worries, fears? No, not at all. Did I let her know that she was worth th…

Show Some Love

There are not too many holidays that create such strong opinions as Valentine's Day. Now granted, there are not many holidays that are fully about one of the strongest emotions...LOVE (although, one could argue that all the Christian holidays are about love because they celebrate Love himself). 

I personally adore Valentine's Day! Yes, I am single and yes, I said I adore Valentine's Day. In fact, I got Valentine's Day gifts for my 3 nieces and as of today have given them their gifts because I couldn't wait! The gifts were small and I definitely did not spend much, but their faces lit up as the opened their gifts...each one of them. And, of course, that melted my heart. The only thing that has driven me crazy about this Valentine's Day is all the online dating sites posting an overabundance of ads everywhere. We get it and eharmony, we get it.

You see, it very well may be considered a consumer holiday...but that's because as Americans we've made …