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Showing posts from January 13, 2013

BIG Dreams!

In honor of the birth of the world changer, Martin Luther King, Jr., on Monday I am posting his passionate speech he so eloquently delivered in 1963 when he deviated from his written text. 

I couldn't help but think what if Mahalia Jackson didn't shout and beckon him to tell everyone about his dream that day? We would have been denied this inspirational message. This wasn't what was on the agenda to speak about. This was a heart felt declaration of a God given dream shared with conviction and love. Those words carried so much...they were not just flippant...they came from a place of much travail, anguish, hope, faith. He was prepared, but it took only one person to ask about his dream to move him from calculated words to a passionate heart outpouring. 

Last night I had dinner with a wonderful "newer" friend. I love getting to know people...I love to hear their hearts, their dreams, their passions. She told me about some thoughts of what her next season would hold. …

Singing Praises Day 12

Before you start reading this blog, if you haven't already done so, take a moment to read the opening blog of this series here.

I have great respect for those who are able to keep up their blog. Some weeks are just full of life that I couldn't even imagine trying to fit one more thing in. But, alas, I will do what I can and give myself grace for the times I can't.

Dave Altizer

Just over a month ago, I wrote a blog singing the praises of the talented and amazing Jason Wain. He is one of my favorite people (especially one of my faves to follow on Twitter since he's so encouraging). I was super excited about him releasing his latest music video "Lonely" for a few reasons; (1) it's Jason Wain, (2) it's the song Lonely which I like a lot, and (3) the video producer was another person that I think is absolutely fantastic. Today I'm singing the praises of Dave Altizer (aka Dave Maze). 

I met Dave on one of the work trips I took last year to coal mining count…