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Fish, a Polar Bear and Spider Webs

From an early age I always had trouble with using the term "best friend". And though I've had some really close friends that knew me all too well, it was hard labeling any one of them as a best friend. There is something inside of me that can't accept calling one person my best friend. I'm not really sure where that came from other than it didn't settle well for me.
Today I was at my trusty processing spot Panera. I went with the intention on being out of the house and not distracted with all the things I could be doing to just read. I wanted to finish up a book written by someone I had recently had the pleasure of meeting. I got about a chapter and a half in when I heard "pst, psssttt, pst". I lowered the book and peeked at the older gentleman sitting in a chair not too far away. He was beckoning my attention and I was most definitely intrigued as to the reason for this invitation to conversation as only a grandfather figure could do and get away wi…