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Saturday - Traveing Home

Okay, so, I’m sitting in the PAP luggage has been checked...guess that means I’m coming home. It was not easy leaving this morning. I want to go home because AC would be nice, but I’m already missing the people of Neply and the children. Oh how I miss the children.

It’s amazing to me that Haiti is less than 2 hours away from the States and yet one of the poorest places in the western hemisphere. How can that be? Why is it like this? I’m don’t understand. My heart breaks for the children. When I see the kids with orange-red hair and pop bellies my heart is crushed. They deserve better. They deserve more. They  should be taken care of. They should be given the proper nutrition and care.

I have loved every moment of this trip. I’ve loved getting to know the hearts of my Haitian family and hearing their stories. They are precious people. I am sure that this won’t be my last time in Haiti.

It’s interesting to hear what everyone from the team is walking away with this week.

We r…

Friday’s Friday. That means I’ve supposed to leave tomorrow. I’m having serious doubts about leaving. I just want to stay. One week is definitely not enough. Yes, I miss everyone, but I sure do love my new family here.

Once I get home and settled I will upload the pictures and short videos I have. I just haven’t had a strong enough signal for long enough to upload them.

Today was a great day of more painting. We started another room today and got the majority of it done...thankfully. It was again a great time to connect with some of the staff here. I got to hear their stories and what brought them to work with myLIFEspeaks. I love hearing the stories...they always encourage me and inspire me.

I’ve got so much on my heart and mind, but not enough words to put to them. I’ll update more information in the coming weeks.

For now I’ll just say that I’m blessed and so thankful for this past week.


It was another beautiful day here in Neply. We started out our morning with breakfast at 8am and then went straight into our projects. Today’s project was for me and another team member was to finish painting one of the staff member’s rooms. We opened the new paint can and well, it was green, but not the right shade of green. It was much lighter than what it was supposed to be. That means our project had to change. So we ended up being asked to clean the room up. Cleaning the room would only entail taking all the paint supplies out and then get paint off the tile floor...from three paint jobs previously as well. We pulled out what we were told was turpentine and started scrapping away. We got about half way through when our hands started burning. It got worse and worse, but we just kept washing our hands and pushing forward...for at least 3 hours. We had sponges, turpentine and scrapers. Lots of fumes were inhaled I’m sure, but we really wanted to do an excellent job. When we finished…


Another incredible day here in Haiti. But before I go on to tell you about today...I forgot to mention a couple things from yesterday that are worth mentioning.

Last night was Dave and Nick’s last night. They were the video crew that came down to get footage for a myLIFEspeaks video. Dave also happens to be an illusionist. I’ve had the privilege of seeing him perform last November while he was working on a video for the company I work with in Grundy, VA. He’s really funny and a great illusionist. He also is a wonderful “shuffler”...yes, like...everyday I’m shuffling. So, he asked me if I thought it would be a good idea for him to do a couple tricks. I emphatically agreed. He started the show with a little shuffle. The white boy can dance. Then he started his tricks. As he’s doing the first one everyone seemed pretty impressed as he was doing it, but then when he revealed the card...the 4 gentleman in the back all stood up at the same time with looks of amazement on their faces. They we…


Each day is better than the day before. It amazes me. The Haitians amaze me. The myLIFEspeaks family amazes me. I’m blown away.

Today we started with our normal morning routine. Breakfast at 8am. After breakfast we split into groups. There were four groups. We went into the village and each group went to someone’s house to help them with whatever chores they wanted. My group met at the house were the feeding program originated. Wow, they fit all those kids in this courtyard was went kept going through my mind when they told us about it. There were two translators for all the groups. They would come and check on each of us throughout their time. The translator that was checking in on us was name Willy. Oh my...he is an incredible man! What a beautiful heart that is full of love and joy. Willy spoke English really well, but even more surprisingly he spoke Spanish really well as well! I got to speak with him in Spanish and it was so much fun! I asked a lot of questions and he graciously …


Woah! What a day! It's been incredible.

Today we started with breakfast and immediately moved into some of our projects. We had guys building screen doors, fixing electrical things (that's the technical term, I'm sure of it), and lots of painting. I got to paint a classroom. I may be dreaming in orange tonight because that's all I stared at for hours. The room is really coming along. We have some more painting to do in there but it looks fantastic!

We had lunch and then did some more of our project again. Until it was time for the feeding program. We got the run down of what would be most was basically as easy as give them a bowl of food and cup of water and then have some fun with them. Those are directions I can follow! Oh my goodness...I may have just met 100 of the most adorable children on the planet. Between the couple words in Creole that I've learned and the few words they knew in English we some how made it work. The kids were so full of joy. …


It's Sunday afternoon and we're getting ready to go to the village. After the long day of traveling yesterday we were happy to go to sleep. Some of us were out right away and some of us, not so much.

We went to Love Mission church this morning. We were prepped last night that it would a very long service. Much to everyones surprise it was only a few hours long. And even more to our surprise there was another group of missionaries there, including Alvin Slaughter. If you don't know Alvin, he's a pretty big deal in the gospel worship scene. He's anointed. He sang a couple songs in English. And the woman who spoke, spoke in English with Creole translation. It was a great time of worship with the Haitians.

When we returned from church we had some lunch and then had a quick Creole lesson. I definitely did not catch on as much as I wanted to. I'll have to keep practicing.

We're waiting on a couple more people to arrive from the airport and we're headed to the…

Saturday - Travel Day

We’re here! The team has made it to Haiti and we’re settling in for bed.

Most of us have been up since 3:30am today and it’s now 11pm and we’re unwinding. The airport call was 4:30am at Nashville International Airport. We have a team of six and there is another three that have joined us. Our team was so blessed to be in First Class on the flight from Nashville to Miami. We had a five hour layover in Miami, but a couple hours were taken up by a game of Phase 10. Again, we were in First Class on the way from Miami to Port-au-Prince. All but one piece of 12 bags of luggage made the trip. Unfortunately, it was a supply bag that had baby formula and diapers in it. It was about a two hour drive to the myLIFEspeaks campus. We arrived, sat down for an incredible dinner, unloaded the suitcases and had a quick meeting that gave us instructions for the week. We then broke off into our rooms and started getting settled into our home for the next week.

The team is so great and there is such a sense…