Tuesday, March 6, 2012

down in my heart...where? down in my heart to stay!

I am so truly blessed to work in a ministry that is focused on spreading the love of Jesus. I love that I get to work with "ministers" that want to use their gift to bring glory to the Name above all names! I have the incredible opportunity to talk with people every day who are about the Father's business...whether it be a minister, a pastor, a youth or children's pastor, an upward sports program director, an event planner, or a volunteer. I feel blessed and honored to be a part of such an awesome ministry.

Today I was speaking with someone who is potentially going to be part of our roster and I could feel such excitement welling up within me. This person is talented in their skill without question or doubt. And they have the credentials to back it up. But for me the passion that they have for spreading the love of Jesus is so much more impressive than their resume. They have such an incredible gift of joy that can only come from the Living God. You can't talk to them for more than 2 minutes without feeling happier than you just were no matter what mood you were in. They impart joy....it just oozes from who they are and it is contagious. It's people like him that I want to help in any way possible do what they are called to do...talent can only take you so far...it's passion that allows you to do the impossible. No matter if this person joins our roster or not, God is going to do incredible things through them...they will succeed because they are choosing to walk in their calling, trusting the Lord and loving people.

As I was processing what we talked about on the call I began to think about how encouraged I felt after the call. It made me realize that I honestly felt the same way after each time I spoke to them. This is in complete contrast to a set of other calls I have been receiving. Calls from someone who is in a desperate place. I immediately questioned...what effect am I having on people? Am I causing people to feel refreshed, encouraged and/or joyful when I talk to them? Or am I depleting and suck the energy out of people when I talk to them? It was a little hard to answer that without being condemning or shaming (thankful for GRACE!). I am guilty of giving up on setting the tone of the conversations with the person that is in a desperate place after not hearing a change after several attempts. I'm definitely convicted that I forgot that I have the LIVING GOD inside of me and that I get to set the climate.

I want to be the person that always edifies...in every conversation or encounter. I want to be the one that sets the tone and atmosphere because I have the greatest asset...the Creator, the Living God Almighty, the Most Holy One, the Redeemer, the King of all kings. I have every resource I need and have the ability to give of those resources without measure because I will NOT EVER lack. And the more I give, the more I have. I want people to walk away richer because they encountered Jesus in me.

I repent of the times that I sucked life out of people and forgot to set the tone. I pray that my words would be full of HOPE, LOVE, FAITH and lots of JOY!