Thursday, February 23, 2012

a thousand sneezes

I'm pretty sure I can't even begin to sum up this past week. I have been sick, but had no time to be sick because we had a work event for 4 days and straight back into our normal work week. It was full of a lot of good, but I sure am ready for a break. It's funny how life doesn't stop when you're not feeling well. That's just strange. Ha!

We had several of our ministers in over the past week for the NRB convention. I loved every second of it outside of being sick. It's truly such a joy to spend time with those we work with. It's so exhilarating to see them interact with and encourage each other. It reminds me of how blessed I am to work with people who are out there making a difference in the world...literally...the world. That is incredible.

I was at dinner with a friend last night and she was mentioning how she was just walking out of a 3 week funk where she didn't want to go to church, she didn't want to socialize with her friends, she didn't want to listen to worship music, she wanted nothing but to isolate herself. She knew it wasn't her and that wasn't normal. She was coming out of it and was choosing to not to allow herself to be in that, but it took effort. I thought about that for a little bit last night. It is so easy for us to believe the lies of the enemy when we isolate ourselves and are not filling ourselves with the Truth. It's so important for us to have people in our lives who we can tell how we are feeling and that will help remind us of the Truth.

It's not easy being vulnerable with people. It's not easy letting people see us...really see us. But I wonder if the moment of awkwardness of being vulnerable is more or less painful than people not ever really knowing us. I've been in a season of being painfully vulnerable over the past several months. It's been somewhat uncomfortable at times, but it also has been pretty liberating and freeing. It has also given people a deeper insight to me...the real me and not just the me that I let people see. I've felt a little more confident over the past few weeks as a result of being vulnerable with people who loved me regardless. I'm stepping more into who I am because I'm letting go of what I want people to see and letting them just see. I think I had to do that with Christ first before I could do that with others. He truly loves me as I am. He would love me regardless if I ever did another thing for Him. I'm learning to be.

I would encourage you to take time this weekend and allow yourself to drop the guards and be real with your friends, but especially with God. He won't reject you. He'll embrace you all the's a beautiful thing being the child of the King!