Thursday, February 2, 2012

Day 3 and 4

I am pretty sure that the Lord is kissing me each day this week with some quiet moments that are so refreshing and welcomed! I am taking care of two, most amazing little gentlemen (6 and 7). Well, when they go down to sleep at 8pm...I get to clean up, sit and rest in the Lord (not gonna lie...I am even contemplating an early bedtime for me tonight).

Today was going to be a day that brought many memories to mind. Five years ago two people who were quite dear to me went home. It was great to see so many people share their memories of these dear loved ones on facebook, twitter and the likes. They were incredible people who lived godly lives and are irreplaceable. I totally understand why Jesus wanted them with Him...even though I wasn't much of a fan of that decision. I am so grateful that they knew (and I mean really knew) the Lord before they left this earth. It reminds me how short life is and why it's so important to always be Kingdom minded. I easily forget that time is short, but today I fully remember. And what a great time to a time of being purposeful in prayer.

North America and the Caribbean had me in tears from the start. I'm so thankful that I get to work with a ministry that allows me to be a part of changing the culture of this continent. I must say that I'm still a little biased though when it comes to Central and South America. Having family and friends in South America that desperately need a true relationship with their Loving Creator it hits home. These are my people...these are my bloodline...these are His beloved. I am praying for a tidal wave of Papa God's beautiful love to crash over South America. Waves of refreshing, waves of true grace, waves of love and revelation to drown the corruption out. I pray that leaders would rise up and bring order and integrity. Leaders that would stand up for the poor and needy. Leaders that don't care about their bank accounts, but about the sick and destitute. I'm so thankful for the ministries that are in South and Central America. I'm glad to be part of sowing those seeds through Beyond Words Ministry. I'm thankful for hope being restored in South and Central America!

I wanted to share a little revelation that I received today...which you all pretty much know, but it was a great reminder for me. As I mentioned above, I have two wonderful gentlemen that I am caring for while their parents are away. I left work a few minutes early so that I could stop at the grocery store before I would have to be at the house when the bus dropped them off. I picked up some treats that I knew that these little men would enjoy. I enlisted a friend (thanks, Meags!) to pick up the final piece...a redbox DVD. I got to the house and created clue cards...starting with "I wash dirty dishes. What am I?" I then hid a treat (in this oreos in a closed cup) in the dishwasher with another clue on it. There was a total of 7 treats. When the boys got home I sent them inside the house with their first clue. 

J & J figuring out Clue 1.
Their faces lit up. They were up to the challenge and super excited. They ran all around the first floor of the house finding their treats. At the end there final treat was the movie "Treasure Buddies" in which the buddies go find treasure in Egypt and stop the nasty villain along the way of course. Yes, I've probably seen most of these movies by get used to it. By now you may have noticed I am one for themes...and today's was Treasure Hunting! 

All Clues and some Treats
As I sit here resting in His presence I think about the amazing treasures that the Lord has for me. And that He doesn't hide them from me for my harm or disillusionment. He hides precious treasures so that He can enjoy us discovering His good gifts and blessings. Just as I enjoyed seeing J & J's faces light up and have them hug me at the end with their eyes much more does my loving Father enjoy when I get to discover His treasures. He never hides them too hard...just as I made the clues just challenging enough for J & J...He does the very same. It wouldn't be as rewarding if He just placed it in front of our faces would it? know it wouldn't be. Easier, maybe, but not as rewarding. That little bit of effort that seems really hard to put forth all of a sudden seems completely irrelevant when you've got your Treasure (and you may realize that I'm not talking about material gifts here...but gifts of His presence, His revelation, etc). How great is our Father that He holds nothing back from us and gives us Treasures to search out!?!? I'm so thankful for His reminders of love each day...
Here's what their final reward looked like...but shhh...don't tell their mom...haha! Their reward for searching consisted of Pizza, Soda, a movie and ice cream with their choice of toppings. I know that the effort they put into finding their treats was worth it ...because not only did they ask for more, they told me. 

I pray that your eyes be open to His great Treasures and may you always be willing to seek them out with all diligence.

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Day 2 recap...

Praying for Africa yesterday brought a gushing flood of memories to my heart and mind. I wore my beaded necklace that I purchased while in Uganda and it melted me. Oh, how much I love Africa and it's people. I look at this little girl in the picture every day as I'm getting ready and I long to hold her in my arms. I long to give her whatever she wants. I pray that I never forget. Never forget to pray. Never forget to love them. Never forget who they are. 

I was a little afraid that I wouldn't have time yesterday to spend with Papa as I wanted...but, He is so faithful and He made it so that I could enjoy a peaceful house with him for a couple hours...alone (outside of my sleeping niece). If you know anything about my household, you know that there aren't many peaceful or empty house moments...ever. I spent my time letting Him love on me and me reciprocating.

I read a chapter in the book entitled Beautiful One written by various godly women. As I opened up to the chapter for the day I laughed when I noticed that this chapter entitled Hot Baths and Cheese, and Fresh Bread Please was written by none other than Heidi Baker. I thought to myself how awesome the Lord is to keep the Africa theme going. It's those small blessings that bring me so much joy. I have the best Papa. 

Today I focus on North America and the Caribbean. And I've already been brought to tears in prayer on my drive to work. Wow...

Lord, let your light shine in us as we arise today!

Please feel free to share anything the Living God gave you by leaving a comment or emailing/fb msg it to me.

Monday, January 30, 2012

On your marks, get set, let's goooooooo

Here is week one's list of prayer points. We are going to start with the continents of this great big earth. I've included a link that lists the countries of that continent to make it easier for all to cry out for each one specifically...I don't want to miss one!

Also, here's some things to cover in prayer while praying for those countries and continents:
Government, Politics, Foreign Relations, Economy, Education, Health, Culture, Religion

(2) January 31 - Africa (Countries in Africa)
(3) February 1 - North America & Caribbean (Countries in the Americas)
(4) February 2 - Central & South America (Countries in the Americas)
(5) February 3 - Antarctica, Australia, Oceania (Countries in Oceania, Australia, Antarctica, Countries in Oceania, Australia, Antarctica)
(6) February 4 - Asia (Countries in Asia)
(7) February 5 - Europe (Countries in Europe)
(8) February 6 - Tennessee

As you pray for each of these...if the Lord impresses something specific on your heart I want to hear it! I would love for all of us to be able to agree and encourage each family. This past Sunday at Iris Nashville we cried out for Asia. Several people had similar visions of fire and we called it out we were able to encourage each other in what the Lord is saying. I actually saw a wall that was around Asia (like the Great Wall of China). As we were all unified and praying, it was as if we were pounding the wall and with each blow, cracks became to form. Before long, water was seeping through those cracks into Asia until finally the cracks gave way to holes and the wall could not withstand the pressure of the tidal waves now pouring into Asia. With each prayer we are breaking down strongholds.

So, don't be shy...tell us about what God is revealing to you!

If you know others who would like to be a part...send 'em the link. I'm so stinkin' excited to see what the Living God is about to do!

Yeah, about that....

So, part of my job is to make sure the people I work with are consistently blogging...and I'm really good at making sure they do...but there seems to be some disconnect with me doing the same. Maybe I need a manager??? Anyone want to manage me? I pay in twizzlers. What? No takers? That's strange! :)

October was the last time that I wrote and in that blog I mentioned that I've been in transition since June of 2010. Well, we're 18 months out and there is still transition. In fact, since my last update in October there has been an incredible amount of transition.

I'm starting to think that transition and change will be the one constant in my life. I can imagine that this is not the life most people would choose for themselves and many would cringe at the constant change. I can honestly say (although I hate to admit it) that I am starting to embrace it and maybe (just maybe) crave it.

You would have thought I would have recognized my propensity for change after considering how many times in a year I change my room colors/decor, the amount of different vehicles I've owned since I've been able to drive, my several distinct types of jobs, the varying hair color/styles I've had and the list continues.

I can't say that all the transition has been easy or welcomed. There has been lots of stretching and learning to trust. I can say that I am thankful that I've had my sweet and kind Papa to walk with me through it all. I wonder if His plan is always to keep me moving living water. It brings new meaning to me when I read "from glory to glory" (2 Corinthians 3:18). I don't ever want to be stagnant (smelly, dirty what was described at Iris Nashville last night). It is my desire to be constantly pursuing the Living God and being more like Him...and with that comes new ventures.

So, I continue on this journey asking the Holy Spirit to guide me, to help me to be flexible wherever He leads me and willing to embrace the change so that I can always be walking in His full and perfect destiny for my life.

Today I start an adventure of a 40 day fast. I know, I know...the Bible says that we aren't supposed to tell anyone that we're's the thing...I'm not trying to make you think I'm holy or more religious than you...I am part of the least of these. I am inviting you to be part of this walk with me so that I can share the goodness of the beautiful and sovereign Lord with family. I want you to be able to partake of the lessons and blessings that will surely cover my path.

Each day I will focus on something/someone different to pray for. I'll be mapping that out and will post it so that if you wanted to join me in prayer you could. I'm passionately pursuing intimacy with my King and would love for you to be a part! Send me prayer requests that are fervently on your heart and I'll add them. I hope to have a list mapped out for the upcoming 7-10 days.

Let me know if you're in...I would love to hear your feedback if you're joining this journey whether in prayer, fasting (of any sort) or reading.

Today's prayer point: This particular fast. I want to cover this fast in prayer at the start and be open to the Lord as He directs me through this adventure!

much love.