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Singing Praises Day 11

Before you start reading this blog, if you haven't already done so, take a moment to read the opening blog of this series here.  

So, this may seem cliche to do and that was reason enough not to do it....but I changed my mind. Cliche or not, my boss deserves to receive some praise. I'm obviously not kissing up since I just told you I wasn't going to do it...out loud. :)

Gresham Hill

I met Gresham 2 years ago. What I thought was a quick meeting to hear more about a job position at Gresham Hill Managementsomehow turned into an hour long interview. I really wasn't looking for a full time position at this time and so that made the opportunity sound great. It was part time and my hours would be flexible. I took the job andit took only a few months to turn into a full time which point I was ready for it. It wasn't an easy transition into full time for unforeseen circumstances and poor Gresham had to deal with seeing me tear up at any given moment for a at lea…

Singing Praises Day 10

Before you start reading this blog, if you haven't already done so, take a moment to read the opening blog of this series here

You may have noticed this through previous blogs or if you know me by conversations, but I love missions. Local and International. And there's a simple answer to why I love missions so much...I love PEOPLE! Each person is unique and has something to offer and it's my goal to find out what makes each person I connect with so special. Everyone has gold within them....everyone is made in HIS image. So by the simple act of getting to know others, a little more of Jesus is revealed to us. Glorious! Well, I met this person while I was leaving Haiti. I most definitely wrote about that trip and you can read about it starting here.

Kyle Adams

So, I most definitely was not ready leave Haiti, but it was time. We got all packed up and ready to go. We jumped onto the school bus with a couple of our new friends and headed to Port Au Prince. After a stop for brea…

Singing Praises Day 9

Before you start reading this blog, if you haven't already done so, take a moment to read the opening blog of this series here

I trust that each of you had an incredible Christmas! I must say I have been enjoying this Christmas - even though it is much different than usual. I have been staying at my brother's house since Sunday while he and his family is celebrating this amazing holiday in Arkansas (the holiday is amazing...not so much the state). It has been extremely quiet in this house with the exception from the occasional meows that loom around the corner. Cash, their cat, has been mostly hidden during my stay and the fish, well, he's a Beta fish, so he likes being alone. For me, this could potentially have been a disaster. I get bored. Quickly. But, it has been quite the opposite. I've been recovering from an awful sinus infection, so rest was a definite requirement and I have been recovering quite nicely I might add. I didn't realize how much I needed the q…

Singing Praises Day 8

Before you start reading this blog, if you haven't already done so, take a moment to read the opening blog of this series here

Bryan and Erika White

Up to this point, I haven't done any couple and these two could each have their own day, but I want to honor them as both individuals and as a couple. I met Bryan and Erika in 2005 through mutual friends (the wonderful Penrose family!). They were desperately looking for a sitter for their two boys, Justin and Jackson. At that time Justin had just turn 2 years old and Jackson was 3 months old. I can't believe it's been 7 years since the first time I walked through their door. 

Bryan is a talented singer, musician, songwriter. He has hit singles, platinum records, gold records...and the list goes can read his full bio here. He's got the talent. When I met him, I couldn't tell you if I had ever heard his music. I didn't listen to country music growing up (okay, I still don't, but I do respect the talen…

Singing Praises Day 7

Before you start reading this blog, if you haven't already done so, take a moment to read the opening blog of this series here

Missy Wilson

Thanks to Steve Cherrico of Singing Praises Day 6 I had the incredible opportunity to meet Missy Wilson a few months ago. Missy, her husband Mike and her family live in Franklin, TN. Yet I met Missy in an airport as we were headed to Haiti. Missy and Mike are the founders of myLIFEspeaks, a non profit organization that speaks up for those who can't speak up for themselves. Take a look at their website and their 2012 brochure and see what they are doing. Yep, I mean now.

Missy is feisty, energetic, outspoken, and determined. And I say those with the utmost respect and admiration. It is those traits that have made her the perfect person to change the world! And changing the world is what she is doing! Haiti will never be the same again because of her love and dedication to speaking up for those who can't. At first, I was slightly intimid…

Singing Praises Day 6

Before you start reading this blog, if you haven't already done so, take a moment to read the opening blog of this series here.  

Steve Cherrico

I don't even know where to start on this one! Steve Cherrico may be one of the most incredible people on the planet. If you know him, you completely understand without further explanation needed. Steve may be one of the most genuine people I know. Let's be honest, many of his amazing attributes are because he is married to one amazing woman, the Jessi Cherrico. That probably was his wisest decision ever outside of accepting Christ as Savior, of course. 

I met Steve 13 years ago when I moved to Tennessee.  I have had the privilege of doing ministry with Steve in several capacities. I've had to opportunity to see firsthand how he leads with a love and passion for people, his insatiable desire to learn, and courage to stand for what is right and just. 

Steve currently works for First Priority of America.  If you've not heard of F…

Singing Praises Day 5

Before you start reading this blog, if you haven't already done so, take a moment to read the opening blog of this series here.  

Anne Kiernan

Okay, so moving on from writing and songwriting right into another form of art. Design Art. Anne Kiernan embodies the meaning of an Artisan. Her graphic design is stunning art. Her ability to portray visually what 1,000 words could not express is priceless. She is gifted at many types of art and she continues to grow and mature in her talent. You can check out her portfolio here. Go ahead, check it out now. She also has countless of pieces of commercial design artwork that makes any marketing department happy to hire her. And...she loves to cook and bake...which mean if you're her friend you reap the benefits of her trying new recipes out! She never has to worry about not being invited to a potluck...she has secured her spot at each party. To her, it's an art form. Speaking of art forms, she even make gift giving an art! She loves to …

Singing Praises Day 4

This blog is part of a series, so if you have not yet read the introduction do so here.

Jason Wain

And today I continue with the theme of songwriters in this post. I met this stellar person through Writer Will (I wrote about him on Singing Praises Day, here's another reason to sing his praises). His name is Jason Wain. Jason writes, plays and sings his own music (and has been known to do a Journey cover before). And you can watch all his videos on's one of his newest ones: When You're Gone
As you can tell (since you just watched at least one of his videos) Jason is talented musically, but I'm sure you know by now that there's more than just having talent. Jason is probably one of the top 5 most positive people I have ever exaggeration here. Top 5. EVER. He's kind...and not the southern type of kind...he's genuinely kind - to your face and when you leave (if I've offended you, think about it, you know it's true). I'…

Singing Praises Day 3

When I wrote today's blog, it was before the horrific news of a shooting at an elementary school. I was conflicted about taking down today's current blog. My heart hurts so much for the kids, the families, the friends, and for the state of this nation. We have been reminded that such evil exists and our desperate need for God. I don't want to be insensitive or to dismiss this tragedy. I can't and I won't. But it's in these moments that I'm reminded that I get to choose to love more. I get to love and celebrate people. And what better time to share the precious jewels of this earth with you. So, I'm keeping my blog series up today...not out of ignorance, but because love wins and I will choose love.  

Before you start reading this blog, if you haven't already done so, take a moment to read the opening blog of this series here

Brady Toops

Today I move from blog and book authors, to a different kind of writer...a songwriter. But they are not…

Singing Praises Day 2

Before you start reading this blog, if you haven't already done so, take a moment to read the opening blog of this series here
Ruth Rutherford
Today I want to sing the praises of another writer. Her name is Ruth Rutherford. I've known Rufa, well, since I was 3 months old and she came into this world. Rufa is my cousin and for about 15 years we lived half a mile from each other. We went to the same schools, same church, same gymnastics class, and we were on the same softball team even (which was so that we could go to the local ice cream shop after games). Some of this was because we grew up in a borough of 1,600 people, but mostly because that's how we do family. Close. And I am so thankful for that. She keeps our families organized/connected and you'll always feel loved when you get that Birthday and Christmas card from her. Rufa has a blog on dating and single life called I Kissed My Date Goodnight. If you are single or married, young or old, an accountant or rock a…

Singing Praises Day 1

Before you start reading this blog, if you haven't already done so, take a moment to read the opening blog of this series here.
Writer Will aka William Carl MontgomeryI met Will at a meeting and after a short while (and a phone call every day to our offices) Will joined the Reach Your City staff. He has definitely brought his amazing sales skills to the offices and the opportunity for me to roll my eyes several times a day. Aside from his incredible ability to sell, he is also a writer (and a good one at that). He has a blog that causes you to "think about that" and is laced with humor and, well, at times harsh truths (according to him). He has written two books and the second that recently released is a fiction book is entitled "Lukewarm" which is the first in a series. It's a great read and one I would definitely recommend (and I'm NOT just saying that, I assure you). You can get it on his website or on (there is a Kindle version on Amazon, …

"If you can sing alone, you sing in front of other people."

I hear that the best way to spread Christmas Cheer is to sing loud for all to hear...but since you don't want me to sing out loud (trust me on this one!) I thought I would do a little series of singing the praises of some really amazing people instead. Over the next few days (maybe weeks if I get a little crazy) I'll highlight some people that I think deserve to be recognized. Now, don't get me wrong...if you're not on one of the upcoming blogs, it does NOT mean you don't deserve it...because I believe that you do (really I do)! It most definitely means that I'm a slacker and as you can see by the time lapse between this post and my last post I have commitment issues with my blog. These will be in no particular order either.

Ready? Good. I'll start tomorrow... :)

Love and Haiti - Guest Blog Post

So, it's been a while since I last wrote and for that I apologize. Today's post was slightly forced after I opened my big mouth. I told my co-worker, Will, that I wanted to post a blog on his website...mostly because I wanted to post about what it's to like to share an office with a man who says things like when asked for his signature he replies with "I'm used to this. I am a writer" and who calls me a Hippie Christian. I wasn't really expecting him to shout yes and give me the date of when he wanted it. But, I guess that's good motivation to sit down and write as any. You check out my post on his website WriterWill.


Brothers don't shake hands, brothers hug!

Four weeks ago at this time I was in Miami awaiting a flight to Port-Au-Prince, Haiti. I was boarding a plane with a group of friends not really sure what I was about to get myself into. Having been on several international missions trips I have learned that no matter how much research I do, I'm never fully prepared. I was going as ready as I could be without having ever been to Haiti.
I blogged about what I could each day, but there is still so much that's not been told. There are memories that are seared into my heart. There are moments that I will cherish dearly. I've been back three weeks and I'm still not sure if I can ever go back to the way I was before. I'm really don't even know how to do life "normally" anymore. I think about leaving every day. Haiti, Uganda, Argentina, doesn't even matter where. I could just go.
I've written this next paragraph and then deleted it three times. Maybe that's a sign that it's bet…

Gold Star

So...who out there participated in the Book It! program in school (for those who answered out loud or raised your hand you know I can't hear or see you right?)? I didn't realize that the program is still around! Wow! Yeah, I wasn't the best at reading when I was eligible for the program either....even with the prized Pizza Hut voucher (we didn't even have a Pizza Hut in the small town I grew up in but there was one next to the Sizzler's that we frequented on Sundays that was half way between the 30 miles that separated home and church). It's not that I don't enjoy reading and learning from what I's that I'm trying to overcome the issue of feeling the need to multi-task at all times. I'm working on it...I promise. Some books make it really hard to keep me intrigued and others make it hard to put the book down. 
I just finished reading a book. Wait, it gets better. I finished it in less than a week. And, yes, it had more than 10 pages in…

Fish, a Polar Bear and Spider Webs

From an early age I always had trouble with using the term "best friend". And though I've had some really close friends that knew me all too well, it was hard labeling any one of them as a best friend. There is something inside of me that can't accept calling one person my best friend. I'm not really sure where that came from other than it didn't settle well for me.
Today I was at my trusty processing spot Panera. I went with the intention on being out of the house and not distracted with all the things I could be doing to just read. I wanted to finish up a book written by someone I had recently had the pleasure of meeting. I got about a chapter and a half in when I heard "pst, psssttt, pst". I lowered the book and peeked at the older gentleman sitting in a chair not too far away. He was beckoning my attention and I was most definitely intrigued as to the reason for this invitation to conversation as only a grandfather figure could do and get away wi…