Thursday, October 15, 2009

Yeeow! A-yip-i-o-ee ay!

I realize that it’s been a while since I’ve blogged, so I thought I would put something up. Nothing profound...nothing earth shaking...just some filler.

This past weekend I had an opportunity to go to Oklahoma City, OK for a few days. The trip was quite timely as I needed a break from 'real' life. I didn’t have much planned and that was very purposeful. I just needed to be outside of my normal grind. Here are some highlights of my trip (by the way if you are wondering...the title of this blog comes from the OK State song).

I left incredibly early on Friday morning…what made me think that I wanted to leave on a 6am flight…I obviously did not think through that I would have to get up at 4am! And I must have had a memory lapse of how much I despise packing because if I had remembered that I despise packing I would have remembered that I procrastinate as much as possible to pack. I did okay with packing a little in advance until the weather decided to change and I had to do some readjusting late Thursday.

So, it’s somewhat a full flight, but I had a seat open next to me which was a total blessing. The flight attendants started the beverage service and a lady in the row in front of me and a gentleman in the row behind me requested alcohol. People, it is 6am!!! Yes, I realize that it’s 5pm somewhere, but it wasn’t where you were coming from! Unfortunately for them, there were no alcoholic beverages. And very quickly, by the screeches and gasps, I realized why the lady in the row in front of me asked for alcohol. We all needed something to take the edge off after being around her. Let’s just say flying isn’t her thing.

I arrived in OKC around 10am and my brother picked me up. We made what was supposed to be a quick stop at a bank. It was probably the most interesting visits to a bank that I’ve ever experienced! We pull up through the drive thru and Dan gives them a check to cash. While we were waiting we see a car pull up at the drive thru in the next lane and the woman in the car was doing bicep curls for only one arm! Who does that? Who does bicep curls for one arm while driving? So funny! I wish I had a picture of it…and don’t think we didn’t try to get one. As a line of cars start pulling up behind us, the bank teller says “Can we only cash part of this check? We are low on money.” What? Really? You are low on money at 11am on a Friday? Isn’t that your main function to have money??? I knew that it was going to be a great trip!

We stopped at Victory Church where Dan works and I dropped him off. I had lunch plans that I was looking forward to and headed to Lakeside Fish Grill right on Lake Hefner. The restaurant had such an amazing view! It literally was on the water’s edge overlooking the huge man-made reservoir…you would have never guessed it was man-made lake by the sheer size of it. So beautiful! I ordered what the waitress recommended and was very pleased: Pepper Crusted Tuna…soooo scrumptious and did not taste fishy! With all that being said I will still say that the company was by far the best part of lunch thanks to Janet and Russell. Great people!

If you know me…you know that I am a fan of football. I don’t know when or how I fell in love with the sport, but I did. So, when I realized that I was going to be in the Norman area for an OU home football game you bet I was going to go to the game! I couldn’t have asked for better football weather! It was about 60°F and full of sunshine! It wasn’t until about 10 minutes to the end of the game when the wind picked up, but I was prepared with my OU hoody sweatshirt that was borrowed from the amazing and lovely April Baynes! We had incredible seats…between the 45 and 50 yard line, up 50 rows…we had a great view of the whole field!
The stadium was packed for the game against Baylor (3-2)! The Sooners (3-2) pulled a 33-7 win over the Bears. The crowd was as energetic as if it was a rival team. There were plenty of ‘couch coaches’ all around me. It literally made me laugh to hear some of the colorful comments and how quickly they would change the tune of their song one play later. Gotta’ love it! I enjoyed everything about the game! Boomer Sooner!

There was more football throughout Saturday and Sunday and I even got home on Monday with enough time to watch the second half of the disappointing NY Jets (3-2) loss to the Miami Dolphins (2-3). There was plenty of good people, good food, and good, much needed rest while on my trip. I even got a sneak peak at Dan and Jenn’s new house. I am a fan of Oklahoma (with exception to their bumpy roads) and didn’t hit every place on my to-do list…(courtesy of native Sooner Bryan White – who has a new album out that you should check out! Check out the video of his single The Little Things which you can get on his website for free or below!)…So, sometime in the future I will have to return.

I am so thankful for an enjoyable weekend. I am grateful for all the hospitality from everyone. I am full of gratitude for the restfulness of the trip. It couldn’t have had come at a better time. I didn’t need or want a planned schedule and I’m thankful for a time of just being. Although, I will admit I extremely missed my Savannah! She’s growing up so fast… She’s 5 weeks old today! She was showing me with her arms how much she loves me in the picture I took yesterday. She smiled at me for the first time on Tuesday…it was just a smile but as in the words of Bryanit’s the little things that mean the world to me.