Thursday, August 27, 2009

Soap Opera Size Drama

I'm sitting in a waiting room of the Cardiac Outpatient wing of St. Thomas Hospital. There is some ridiculous soap opera on the television that is obnoxiously loud just a few feet from me. I've got my laptop open and my itunes playing through the headphones hoping to cover the silliness on the television (thank you Christy Nockels for your soothing encouragement and for leading me in worship today).

I do not want to judge anyone. I'm just having a hard time understanding it. The drama and unrealistic scenarios. Life has enough drama why would you want to add to the negativity by allowing yourself to get involved in the absurd fictional stories.

Maybe I'm a little sensitive because I'm waiting on my dad to have a Cardiogram. I'm a daddy's girl through and through and this is tough. I know that he's going to be okay and I know that God is in control. But I'm still just a girl waiting for her daddy to have an invasive pocedure to see if he needs a stent put in an artery or by-pass surgery. I found myself tearing up when I sang worship songs this morning on the way to the hospital. This is real stuff. This is real life. It's not the life that God intended for his children, but it became our reality after the fall.

I am so grateful I know the Truth. It makes this bearable. It makes me able to say that God is good and worthy to be praised. My heart still rejoices today in my Savior in the midst of the hard moments.

I look around the waiting room and am praying for the family members that are waiting on their loved ones. I am praying that in the midst of this time in their life they find peace and solace in Jesus Christ. I pray that they have Hope, Faith and Love.

I think I'll work on something for a little to take my mind off of the waiting. I might be back for some more ramblings later...