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change, change, change...

Here is what Strengths Finder said my top strengths are now:

Connectedness and Individualization are repeats…which I think I find a little comfort in. It’s amazing that three of the five have changed…which means…my strengths have changed…which means…I have changed. Change is good and I’m always looking to progress forward, but I would like to think that there are some core items about me that are not going to change. It’s interesting though that the 3 different strengths from the previous test have a lot of similarities and common traits. So, as I did with my other ones, I will expand on what they mean.

It’s Thursday…I always look forward to Thursday. SlowBurn is on Thursday. But this Thursday is a little different. I’m turning 29 tomorrow and I love birthdays and the idea of celebrating someone, but it also causes me to do some reflecting. I am no where near where I thought I would be, but so thankful of where I am. God has truly bl…

As the World Turns

There was a lot going on this weekend, but i definitely managed to have some quiet time during the long weekend. I love sleeping in on Sunday...even though sleeping in to me does not usually pass's still sleeping in for me. I lounged around and then got a few things done that needed to get done. I was also able to do the StrengthsFinder test results will be posted shortly.

dear diary

So, I've just gotten home from babysitting and I'm pretty sure I should be going to sleep, but I'm in need of some wind down's been a little hectic and it helps me write things down to process...most people just keep a private journal...apparently I'm an open book.

Thursday night I had the honor to see my friend, Los, and several guys graduate from the School of Ministry of Grace Chapel (hosted at NarrowGate). Wow! What a wonderful, wonderful graduation. Each guy ministered in one way or another and it was incredible! I am so proud of each one. I love what God is doing in each and can't wait to see the great things He is going to do through them. Worship was awesome. Bugs led as Alex accompanied with guitar. This was not the first time I've heard Bugs lead worship, but this time it was anointed! The guys spoke from their hearts and not just with the head knowledge that they've learned during their time in school of ministry. Quite a sight to se…