Friday, February 6, 2009

Altered State of Being?

Caffeine induced energy boost…that is how I just tried to medicate my sluggish self this morning.

A lack of sufficient sleep and a discard of regular routine have overwhelmed my body today. It’s been a full week filled with the average daily activities, social affairs and pursuit of righteous living. This altered state of being will only last a little longer, until the artificial energy wears out and I am sure that I will start the cycle all over again.

And though my mind is a little distracted and prone to wander when I disregard my physical needs I can’t help but to think of how this can relate to me spiritually. There are days that are just rough, plain and simple. Life has trials and hardship. In those moments or on those days what am I doing to alter my state of being? What caffeine am I ingesting to alter the mood I am in? Am I injecting worship and praise throughout the day? Am I consuming God’s Truth/Word throughout the day? Am I taking doses of communication with my Creator every chance that I get? Or am I trying an artificial substitute to alter my mood? How do I choose to medicate myself when I am in a comatose state spiritually?

What are the artificial substitutes in your life that you use to try to enhance and alter your mood?

Feel free to ponder this as I go and grab myself another cup of coffee…